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    you have to peak somewhere in the forum dont have the link somewhere dont wanna make another threat about it :)

  • Here are the defaults I’m proposing for a start.

    First, what we have now and why it’s not good:

    Screenshot from 2019-03-08 17-57-02.png

    Dash-to-dock on the left side. It’s not what most users are used to. Coming from major operating systems it’s always a thing hard to learn.

    Dark shell, light application. It is unnecessary contrast and big inconsistency in the look and feel of desktop. Also worth noting is that shell do not have shadows and applications has it. Colours are not complementary, fonts look different, whole look is just a bit off. I’m not afraid to use it - it’s ugly.

    Application launcher. This is most ridiculous invention from the Gnome team ever. It’s not user friendly, it’s slow, it looks like mobile screen, and you need to choose it from icon list. Can’t put it for the muscle memory to take care of it. Overall UX from the desktop suffer from this poor choice. It’s fancy though, eh? 😃

    Activities. Personally I’ve never used it. If someone is, Super is the shortcut, placing it in the left-top corner is a swing and a miss.

    What I’m proposing. But. It’s not final. Both themes needs a bit of tweaking, they are pretty good but not there yet:

    alt text

    Dark/Light mode. It’s a must. Even Windows made dark mode. Which looks horrible btw, it’s goddamn black. What would you expect from them? 😄

    I’m not sure how to make it. But we need something to change shell and applications theme at once without fiddling in gnome-tweaks. Shell Icon? Option somewhere in settings?

    The ones I’m using right now are Matcha-dark-azul and Matcha-azul. I’ll try to reach the author and maybe he will be willing to participate.

    Dash-to-dock. I know, it looks like Apple. But it’s good. Just good. With dynamic opacity change and inteligent auto-hide.

    Application launcher. I don’t believe we could find developer to make one and original for us so for now we can use panther-launcher. Fork from elementaryOS slingshot. By default it is taking a lot of space but it’s possible to make changes in dconf to set number of rows/columns. The best thing it’s fast, it’s usable as hell and you can just type to find something quickly. This is what app launcher should look like.

    No top left hotcorner extension is need for this one. Now you can train your muscle memory to use it.

    And remember:
    alt text

    If you want to reproduce my setup and give it a try here is what you will need to do.
    1. Theme is matcha-gtk-theme-git.
    2. Set it in Gnome tweaks for both shell and applications.
    3. App menu is panther-launcher-git.
    4. In dconf editor search for panther and change rows to 3 and columns to 4. There are some glitches with it so after setting rows/columns go to icon size switch on/off default and apply. This will change grid for launcher.
    5. No top left hotcorner extension is needed to comfortably use app launcher.
    5. Dash-to-dock, set it to bottom, uncheck Show application icon, set customize opacity to Dynamic and minimal opacity to 0%.
    6. Wallpapers are available to download on Trello board (link in first post)

  • may possible to have two different options inside login-screen (lightdm) so that user can choose between dark and light session, will be stored as default next time you will login… that woul nort need a switcher program to create can by done by adding scripts to the gnome.desktop file:

    gsettings set org.gnome.shell.extensions.user-theme name "Matcha-dark-azul"
  • A proposal as for the Antergos logo: A to the power of n

    Don’t know how to show it here with characters, so here’s a picture made with Abiword:

    Since I’m not at all good at graphical things, I don’t know how that would look great. A better font probably, and some other tweaks for sure.

    But that is one idea.

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