• Antergos brand design

    @ringo32 good point!

    There is also the possibillity of a refining of the design instead of a complete makover.

    As a makeover alsoimplementing a complete change and this will be not congruent to the Distro itself.

  • On some youtube channel it was said sure, Logo’s can make a distro. it is possible but im more conservative…as long a story behind a logo, logo should not change dramatical… Refining a logo add something give more depth is nice, but complete overhaul , my hairs shoots a head :)

    If you look to Manjaro logo , It have a story, there was on a point the logo looks almost te same as a music group, was some period discussion and discusion came down then up again, so, they changed te logo a bit, but the story stil the same… but little change can help much :)

    Personal logo Antergos is good. Also the theming is also Stable is not in periods all get changed thats good.

  • @ringo32 I do not know your background in design field or to be precise in brand design, so I need to apologize in advance if I’ll be a little bit patronizing in my following explanations. I’m designer for over 13 years in business, I’ve made “couple” of brand designs - from small local entrepreneurs to stock market business.

    Firstly, current logo is not good. I’m not talking about your feelings, emotions towards it or even statements saying “I like it”. It’s not good from design principles point of view. I do not like to criticizes other peoples work, so this is all I want to say about it.

    Secondly, most of the Linux distros do not care about design to much, or not at all. For me personally it was always barier to move to one definitely. Why is that I don’t know, but I know that for many of my fellow professional users this is the main issue too. Logotypes of most distros are just horrible. Ubuntu has something consistent and well made, elementary logo is not so good, but overall the distro design (and whole paradigm built around it) is amazing. The distro itself? For me… Meh. It’s mediocre. Still they are making fuss about it and gaining users (and money).

    This is the case. If you don’t believe me or in the importance of well put design, check history of the company you probably know, it’s name is Apple.


    On some youtube channel it was said sure, Logo’s can make a distro.

    Some youtube channels are also saying that earth is flat and Zuckerberg is reptilian. Don’t believe in everything and take a hint from real professional ;)

    @joekamprad I’m not a big fan of making changes to the existing logo design which in my opinion isn’t good (because it’s only logo and not whole brand design). I’ve never took a job with such request, because I know how painful and pointless this task is. Basically you need to make something good, with something that wasn’t planned enough before and most of your job is figuring out what could be acceptable and consistent keeping the old (not well made) design. Still making it similar. It’s strong no go from me.

    @ringo32 @joekamprad My work here is not to change the logo itself “because I want to” but to create whole corporate identity for antergos and make it strong brand on the market. Which is sum of many things that you can see on the diagram posted by me before in this topic.

    Desktop linux market is stagnant (in personal use segment), it’s like this for years. I’m preaching about using linux to my friends and family members but at the end most of them want me to “give them back” Windows, because something isn’t working as supposed to. If I dig deeper what exactly is not working, all cases are around lack of consistency in UI/UX. One example. My wife (which now is using antergos with modifed Gnome by me). “Why window won’t appear when I’m dragging file over the app icon?!” or “Why the power menu is looking different than folder window (nautilus, and she has before different theme for shell and applications)” - small things but for her and her workflow it’s infuriating.

    I know why things are like that (mostly). Developers are making brand designs, web desings, UI/UX designs but they are not well prepared for this job. They know how to use software but really nothing more. I can also write a code, but it will not work as well as their design. Probably you don’t want to have surgery done by the guy who is amazing with his knife skills only ;)

    Wrapping up. I’m offering whole design, from top to bottom, working on every detail to make antergos not another distro on the market but a little pearl in the vast sea of similarities. And as I said in my first post - this is just the tip of the iceberg but we need to start with something to hear afterwards - it’s beautiful and it works. Just like our beloved Apple.

  • @luke_d said in Antergos brand design:

    My work here is not to change the logo itself “because I want to” but to create whole corporate identity for antergos and make it strong brand on the market.

    I do understand exactly what you want to do, as we have a talk about it some time before…

    The question is what exactly you want to ask here?

    I can see that Antergos as many other free projects do not invest that much into a corporate design, and doing the design by them selves.

    Community can give a feedback on what they think about, but to start the change it must be the @developers give their o.k. to do so.

    I am not professional in design/marketing/brand e.t.c.

    I do like the idea of taking the history of the name to create the logo itself, the resulting A do not look modern to me and implementing monumental stonework, and do not reminds on a dancing humans hat.

    Antergos is using numix at the moment for gtk theme and icons…

    What would be the plan for theming ?
    creating a Antergos gtk theme and iconset? who will go to maintain and develop this in the future?
    As Antergos is providing also non gtk DE’s it will need also qt theme and iconset for a CI.

    Then lightdm with a webkit theme (greeter) and cnchi too…

    Then there is the webside, the wiki and the forum based, on wordpress and nodebb.

    looks like a lot of things to do so far ;)

    I can offer help on gtk themes, but i do not have much free time aside from forum moderation and cooking.

  • its subjective sure :) im no Pro in such things, but orginality is fine… these days lot Arch a like installers almost copy the current arch logo… first Arch logo was almost an A also but looks more likely like a rocketship since the current arch-logo on youtube seemed boomed, sure a good logo design can be decisive cannot deny. its just personal, Design of your is good sure cannot deny… :) but things are subjective on personal level offcourse.

  • @luke_d the question should be: who are the users of Antergos and what is the story Antergos is telling.

    Antergos means ancestors and what i understand that is the story of respecting our mother Archlinux and the principal of KISS = Acronym of Keep It Simple, Stupid. Simplicity is a main principle Arch Linux tries to achieve.
    what say that we keep the source as it is and do not change more then necessary.

    Antergos is for everyone says that also non linux professionals are welcome to install Antergos and will get help to get into the learning curve to understand what’s under the hood of a Archlinux system.

    The users i see here at the forum are different but they have something together:
    They do not agree that you have to install Linux from terminal and configure every little thing on your own, and they welcome noobs and residents on linux in the same way.

    This is in my opinion the story Antergos is telling.

  • @joekamprad Everything what is needed to be done is in my first post here with marking what I can do by myself. I only need help with themes and this is exact question I’ve asked before ;) Also I wanted to show what I have made so far.

    I was in contact with @karasu back in the February and I have his blessing (and other members of the team):

    How are you? I’ve already spoken with the other members and they agree to collaborate with you.

    He also answered for some of my questions before creation process and here are some of the most relevant:

    Q: How many more developers is needed to have everything covered?
    A: At least, we would need at least two more active developers

    Q: How much could you customize antergos?
    A: (On scale 1-5) 3

    Q: How much want you customize antergos?
    A: (On scale 1-5) 5

    Q: What is most important thing in antergos development?
    A: Installer, packaging and desktop environment setup

    What’s not modern in my proposition? :) Or maybe, what constitutes modern logo? Do Nike has modern logo? Apple, Google, Facebook? They are as modern as context where they are put into. Most important thing about them is the flexibility and timeless recognition.

    I should also add that using modern term by me and some other designers after some kind of design education (I’m after university) is probably badly used (or translated) as we are referring to the modernism as an art/design/philosophical movement started in between 19/20th century. Sorry for that.

    And for the:

    do not reminds on a dancing humans hat

    Thanks god for that. We certainly do not want logo mark to be so obvious and overly detailed. It’s all about semantics. We are creating it. Trough story, narration, backgrounds, mood, communication etc.

    My proposition is a shape based on “8” number formed into letter “A” with story based on historical figure. Taking our perception and cognition (from neuropsychologie studies) it’s a way to go mix. Especially for our brains. I didn’t use any “trends” that are taking place here and there by logomakers (not designers) to keep it as timeless and simple as possible - peliqueiros history probably will not change and meaning of latter A also. Probably.

    As a contradiction to my design you can put current Arch logo. Cutout made from stretched circle, ragged edges for no particular reason, base of the logo (long arch from to bottom corners) is oddly uneven. Good they are not using the one with gradients/shine to much.

    I don’t want to make a design lesson here, but there is a lot more to my proposition than you can see on first sight. Even such thing as solid one for small version and wire for bigger ones should be taken in considerations during creation process and sometimes it’s not as easy as it looks like to keep them visually “the same”.

    There is so much more, but I really don’t want to bore you to death, it’s exciting for me but I don’t think for anyone else here ;)

    About theming. I’m glad you can help with GTK one. I’ve watched as many reviews over the internet of antergos as I could and majority (all of them?) where reviewing Gnome DE. This is where we should start.

    I’ve looked for something as close to my vision as possible and found out a theme called Matcha (link in the first post). I can contact the author or maybe you can just change some needed parts, not much of it. This theme has nice light and dark version, which will perfectly blend into the design (after little changes). I don’t know how much effort is to make a little switch in the shell to change from light to dark or maybe even based on hours - day, night mode like android from 8.1. Let’s jump on the “save your eyes and brain” wagon.

    For maintaining it. With repository on github, maybe proper docs and successful launch of “brand new” antergos I hope to bring new devs (one of the main intention to make fuss about this amazing distro). Also maybe you can teach me how to properly do it? ;)

    App menu for Gnome would be nice, as default “touch me with mouse” grid is… well… It’s horrible UX. I’m personally using Arc Menu but it’s also far from perfect. Reworked Slingshot in Pantheon is really nice and highly usable. For starters modified Arc would do the job.

    Round icons from Numix are perfect. Little addition will be needed but mostly this is closed case. Round because of roundness of logo itself ;)

    Website, wiki, forum, that’s on me. I’m developing WordPress themes sometimes.

    LightDM greeter. I’ve looked on some of the repositories on github. Same as with the theme. We can use a base one and modify it to our needs. This is the beauty of open source and this is why I’m engaging into this project ;)

    I’m realistic about how big this is, and how much is needed to be done. It’s not my first one, not even the biggest one (we do not need any print, for now).

    @ringo32 It’s not personal. Sorry, but that’s the way it is. Many clients (not only mine) butchered amazing designs because they didn’t liked it. Just like that. If you need money you finish it with your clients ideas and forget about it (too embarrassed to put it in portfolio) or you can do it like I do it and just ask them, why do they need professional if they knew better all along? 😃 Again, you are not arguing with your surgeon that personally you would like it done otherwise. I’m not blaming you in particular, this is common misconception about the design. People tend to know better because it look simple to make and it’s easy to criticize without knowledge (casus of taste), but they do not know the complexity of the process itself. Monkey can use a gun. Do you want to give guns to monkeys? 🐵

    alt text

  • is subjective is not that everyone some design likes, An A is for me also an A, you can make it round or block, Wrong or right, there is no good answer also i am also not here to flame it also :) just say its personal , further design is nice, but further…im no profesional :)

  • @ringo32 Everything is subjective :) There is not such thing as objective, because if someone communicate something it’s subjective 😃

    Main function of any (!) design is solving problems. If it’s appealing also, it’s even better.
    If somethings is good looking but useless - it’s called art.
    Brand isn’t art, because we are using product behind it. So if it’s usable - it’s design ;)

    My job here is to solve a problem which is lack of consistency in visual and linguistic code of operating system called antergos and to work a way to communicate it to the public (users).

    I just want you to understand motivation and realization of my idea. It’s completely fine if you don’t like letter “A”. I have no problem with that. But there is more to it than just a logo.

  • @luke_d Forum you have an GitHub account ? so we can get connected over there… My alterego there is killajoe (historical reason)

    I do also hacking into lightdm themings, a bit… so I can help here too…
    Best would be to create a repository under Antergos where I can pull request from my own forks. Or we need to talk about another practice, together with development.

    And don’t be angry I am very good in following a bigger idea, and as I do not call me creative, I am very good in practical implementations.

  • @joekamprad seriously I’ve sounded angry? Sorry for that! It was not intended at all. I’m just too passionate about my job 😉

    I’ve some account on github, but I’m more of bitbucket user. You are followed by @realcgslav - long story 😃.

  • @luke_d no I do not think that you was angry… What I want to say is i will not be into design, and if you need something figured out on technical side, I will find a solution if there is any.

  • I found this Logo btw , 0_1541315467464_e5d00264-e437-4740-ac7e-1b0456db2d13-image.png

    Thats from Arco linux, at the end you end also some fuz because of the logo type.

  • @ringo32
    That logo differs a lot from @luke_d logo, so there wouldn’t be a problem, or am I misinterpreting your post?

  • you right, :)

  • i just meant actually it shows an ’ A ’ even its a different A sure… is not the same but sindse same on Arch based you get some from the others if they see.

  • So, if I understand correctly, do you mean that, as most arch based distro’s have an A in their logo, the current Antergos logo sticks out from the others? If that is what you mean, then you’ve got a point here.

  • @ringo32 being different doesn’t mean being better. And being different for the sake of it doesn’t have any sense.

    Antergos is starting with A, Arch is starting with A, Antergos is based on Arch… So I don’t see any point here. We can use B. It’s different. We can use abstract sign, it’s also different but does it mean it is better? Lastly there is also point about idea, story, and realisation.

  • I’ve tried to find similar logo but without a luck.

    Funny thing tho, feeding logo sign silhouette to google image recognition gave me this result:


    Pretty neat, eh? 😄 Even AI can find an arch in it 😉

  • Ahwel, nevermind :) im a bit …, i dont know how to pronounce in english… doesn’t not matter :) will see what it comes from… :) That logo above was an Arcolinux besides… But seems in sort of distro’s always some talk about logo’s. in Manjaro it was early 2013 talk about it 2014 2015 i think round 2016 changed a bit, and now someone came up logo looks like this but differs a lot… and then short after someone propose to change te logo… thats what always is :) but will see… :)

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