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    Hello guys,
    it took me a lot of time to finally get to it but I’ve started and I’m not willing to stop now ;) Especially that for some reason antergos dropped on distrowatch, and this is unacceptable for this amazing distro.

    This is the first step in the whole process and I think it’s vital to share my work at this point. I’ll be updating this post along work process.

    Without further a due, here is my proposition for a new brand design for antergos:

    Visual Guide (WIP)

    It’s still WIP (visual guide not a logo itself). Later about what is needed to be done.

    From Visual Guide (check the pdf for more):

    Some mood pictures:

    And a little modification to the new cnchi UI with colors and fonts from visual guide:

    What else is needed (I’ll take care of nearly everything in that list except the ones I’ve marked with bold cursive). All of it is also on Trello board:

    • Overall mood and feel of the design. I’m close, but not yet there.
    • Website design,
    • Forum design,
    • Wiki design, well mostly replacing graphics.


    • GRUB theme,
    • Boot screen,
    • LightDM theme,
    • Themes - for most of the DE,
      Gnome themes - dark/light mode:
      alt text
    • Wallpapers, added to Trello board.

    Social media:

    • Profile shots, added to Trello board,
    • Background shots,
    • Narration for social communication,
    • Promo shots,
    • Promo video (yes, I’ll make a commercial at the end, seriously).

    So, I need help with themes for DE and LightDM. I’m quite fluent with front-end developing but GTK themes are such a pain for me that I can’t make it properly. I’ve found almost perfect theme for Gnome but it will need a little bit modifications, it’s named Matcha. I didn’t checked how hard is LightDM theming but maybe I’ll be able to make it. I can make all of it in HTML/CSS but I’ll still need someone to port it ;)

    For now I’m waiting for your opinions about all of it.

  • anything is better than the default logo that looks like a rejected peppermint candy not even sure if it’s supposed to be a letter or object
    your design for A grows on me, i’d adopt it and i wouldn’t give distrowatch ratings any merit at all. just because someone surfs the site looking at things is not an accurate statistic of what is top distro installed

  • @luke_d
    Great work, it looks very good and kudos to your enthusiasm.
    The Antergos logo is a Saint Jacques shell, also known as a Coquille. It’s turned with the base up to represent the letter A for Antergos.
    Now, the vision behind the logo has been gone with the maker of it, but I always interpreted it like this:
    Antergos is the Galician (spoken in the northwestern part of Spain, Galicia) word for ancestors and I think I’ve read somewhere that the meaning of the word Antergos refers to it’s predecessor CinArch an Arch based Cinnamon distro. (I could be wrong in this one)
    Now Galicia is best known for two things:

    A) It’s pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostella, which is guarded by the patron Saint Jacques and is represented by the Saint Jacques shell.
    B) In Spain the region is known for it’s cultivating businesses of the Saint Jacques shells (Coquilles).

    So the shell refers clearly to the region where this distro’s name is coming from and it also (in my opinion) represents the ready to use desktop environments that Antergos houses in its Arch “shell”.

    Again this is my interpretation of the name and logo of our beloved distro, since the actual meaning isn’t known by the current developers.

  • @luke_d I like it. Good job!!!

  • @trytip and @Bryanpwo Check my edit, I have added some pages from Visual Guide pdf so you can also see my explanation of logo without downloading visual guide itself ;)

  • i like it alot, good job sir! And i do agree with you!

  • @luke_d The ‘A’ looks great actually. I think it can put up a decent fight against the ‘A’ of Arch Linux. It looks stylish and a bit modern according to me while the ‘A’ of Arch Linux is plain old A.

    I actually appreciate the effort undertaken in creating your design and work.
    Btw, I read from the post link that you run an ad agency. So I recommend you to watch Gary Vaynerchuk’s content here from his youtube channel GaryVee. I watch his content for his motivation i.e the hustle and the grind and putting in the WORK. He actually does ad business,digital marketing, entrepreneur and loves selling stuff. He talks about strategies to market stuff in 2018 world. So you can learn this stuff and make Antergos reach a wider audience. That’s all bro. Just my opinion to help you and Antergos reach more people.

  • @Quantum_Sniper Thanks for suggestion but I’m not interested in this kind of marketing approach.

    alt text

    I believe that good product with consistent corporate identity will defend itself without aggressive marketing.

    Take a look at a diagram I’m using in my work:

    I strongly believe in businesses that are honest and driven by good intentions, not only by thinking about selling whatever people are willing to pay for. Kind a idealistic approach but at the end I feel good with myself and my work :)

    After all, I’m designer not seller ;)

  • @luke_d That’s cool bro. As you said the intent is important. And of course the satisfaction after having done the work properly feels much better.

    Well, Gary is not your ordinary guy. He is original and gives good advises in marketing and for life in general. I really don’t care about his marketing advises as I am an electronics engineering student. In short, he advises to do marketing in facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin, or any other platform where you can can transmit your content (soundcloud, spotify, apple itunes included). These platforms are under-priced right now and are on the way to becoming over-priced. So to do well, got to use these opportunities.

    It’s cool if you plan to do it your way. No judgements at all.
    Cheers! ☺

  • I would love to see some rebranding for Antergos too :)
    But as far as i can see the big thing at the moment is to solve the issues with the installer, as we have to much failed installs, and if user do not get Antergos installed, marketing cant stink against this ;)
    (sorry if i do talk like this but it is a fact)

  • @Quantum_Sniper As you can see in my first post I didn’t neglect social media part. I’m just not a big fan of spamming different channels with empty content. Gary (and people like him) are main reason I’m not using social media at all nowadays. They are one big ad space. With bad ads.

    It’s hard for Linux distro to generate quality content on social media. You have updates and… More updates? Writing about new features in engaging way will be hard, but it’s a must and it can’t be forced.

    There is a way where you can make some kind of tutorials, overviews, opinions with OS in background, but for this you will need specialists willing to make them. In the near future I’m starting with YouTube channel focused on learning Blender and I will advertise (non aggressively) antergos there. This is how I imagine popularization - by use cases.

    It’s a long way from here :) Now we need to deal with visual consistency along whole OS :)

  • @joekamprad Yeah, I agree with you. When I was gathering opinions about antergos around the web this was main issue and surprisingly it was mentioned really often. I’m the lucky one with three installations on completely different hardware without any issue :)

    As I said in post above. It’s just a first step to make everything consistent, long way ahead of us. And I need a little help from somebody fluent with GTK themes ;)

  • @joekamprad Yep you’re right.

    I was actually pissed with Antergos installation method. The ISO itself was 2.1 GiB and later on it downloaded more packages from the net again. So, what was the ISO for then? I felt like I wasted 2.1GiB of data.

    The first step to making Antergos awesome and great is to improve it’s installation process. Ditch cinchi and use Calameres installer as Manjaro uses. If we do this, then we can easily hope to see Antergos in the Top 10 of distrowatch.

    There are many comparisons and reviews of Antergos on youtube and other places. Most of them gave good opinions of Antergos but they heavily criticized the installer. Cinchi is the worst installer ever. Period. The devs should Calameres instead. Why not use an existing installer that works great and fast? The devs are wasting their time in making Cinchi. It’s always been in Beta state. They can save both money and time if Calameres is used.

  • @Quantum_Sniper easy to blame, but you can’t compare Manjaro vs. Antergos.
    Manjaro is not rolling like Antergos as we are using Archlinux Mirrors.
    Antergos is mainly cnchi and using an installer developed by others will cause more problems and may more work to keep it stable to install Antergos.

    Antergos needs more manpower on development. This would make install stable.

    Antergos in its name and history stands for ancestor’s.

    Cnchi get some big code changes lately and needs some cleanup of code, but it is the best choice to keep Antergos what it should be.


  • @joekamprad said in Antergos brand design:

    I would love to see some rebranding for Antergos too :)
    But as far as i can see the big thing at the moment is to solve the issues with the installer, as we have to much failed installs, and if user do not get Antergos installed, marketing cant stink against this ;)
    (sorry if i do talk like this but it is a fact)

    i’ve had my shares of install fails or it not connecting to the internet to receive updates. i don’t like the idea that i have to be connected to the internet to install it. why not simply switch to or add Calamares as an option in the live media?
    @luke_d not sure if antergos has any colors associated with it personally i like light blue/white combination same color as the submit button i’m about to click 😜
    @Bryanpwo thanx for the history lesson 👍

  • the calamares discussion is closed here:


  • This post is deleted!
  • @trytip @joekamprad stay on topic guys, please ;)

  • @luke_d you are right…
    @trytip please open a new thread if you want to share some usefull critics or opinions on Antergos development.

  • I like the current Logo, :) but changing logo’s can be troublesome, on te other side there come some thjings that looks exact as that and then is al pain to follow :) First Arch logo’s was also almost an A… almost then, but current logo is Awesome, and i find logo of antergos current also on that level… :)

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