• Many orphaned packages


    sudo pacman -Qdt

    Results in a long list of orphaned packages including but not limited to gnome-calculator and gnome-disk-utility.

    Many of these packages were explicitly installed. How can these packages be removed from the orphan list? Tried reinstalling. Did not resolve. May try uninstalling before reinstalling lacking a better suggestion.

  • @schnappi said in Many orphaned packages:

    pacman -Qdt

    pacman -Qtdq


    is antergos-gnome-meta installed?

    pacman -Qs antergos-gnome-meta

  • antergos-gnome-meta not installed.

  • @schnappi not installed by reason or you do not know?
    As this is causing orphan packages for Antergos GNOME installs.

  • GNOME is not installed. Only Xfce.

  • @schnappi
    What is the size of the orphaned packages? You can find it out with command

    LANG=en_US pacman -Qi $(pacman -Qdtq) | grep "Installed Size"

    If the total size is quite small (compared to your free disk space), then I would do nothing… ;)

  • Used to occasionally check for orphaned packages and remove them to keep system clean.

    Have another issue after installing a NVIDIA driver. Will probably reinstall once have some time and solve both of these issues in what is probably the most efficient way possible.

  • @schnappi
    I’d pay more attention to foreign packages than the orphaned.
    From time to time I run command

    pacman -Qm

    to see if there are any foreign packages, and remove the ones I know I’m not using.

    This is because sometimes Arch devs move official packages to (unofficial) AUR which also means they are no more officially supported. Unofficial packages may cause issues if they are not continuously supported.

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