• Virtual Workspace / Virtual Desktop in MATE

    OK, after getting a bit frustrated with this, I finally found out how to add virtual workspaces to Antergos MATE. Like most things, it’s easy once you know the trick.

    With the latest version of Antergos/MATE, do the following to enable workspaces:

    • RIGHT-CLICK on the panel
    • Select Add to Panel
    • Search for “Workspace”
    • Select “Workspace Switcher”

    This will create the workspace switcher applet on the panel which you can configure to your hearts delight.

    I must be one of the few people that use this feature, judging from the paucity on information about it.

    Have fun!

  • @GJChristman Thanks a lot mate, I was worried about the workspace not being there too. Cool.

    I am facing the problem of keyboard shortcuts in MATE. A lot of my shortcut keys combo make use of Windows Super key and the moment I use windows key , it just opens the Menu instead of performing the actual shortcut function. Like (Windows+D) should show the desktop, but it isn’t and it just opens the Menu. Do you have any idea of how to get around it? Keyboard shortcuts greatly improves my workflow speed.

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