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    Hello guys!
    I am using the official numix theme and I use the title menu in the top bar, as shown in the first picture. So my question is: can the shell use numix icons here too? like in the 2nd picture?
    The 2nd picture show tweeked title menu. In this case the shell use numix icons.
    The only app that use numix icons in title menu is chromium
    I don’t know why it does this thing. Any idea on this? Thanks!

    PS: I am mostly a noob.

  • on i first view i can see that all gnome apps do not show icons from icontheme, but apps like chromium and vivaldi yes… the TOP BAR is themed by the shell theme…windows are themed by gtk theme and iconset choosen…

  • It seems that this menu will be removed in the next Gnome release 3.32 (see Allan Day’s GNOME Blog). So, it is probably better not to put too much effort into this proposal.

  • @szobi thanks for the link!

    this is what it will look like then:


  • i gave up trying to understand the gnome developers idea for menu icons, they removed all context menu icons in apps like gedit. i ran away from gnome when the gnome shell extension Axe Menu wasn’t taken seriously, by far the best gnome shell menu which puts gnomenu to shame. https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/327/axe-menu/

    alt text

  • You try gnome tweak tool to custom this yet ?

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