• failed to initialize alpm library (impossible to find or read folder)

    Hello, this is the msg I get when trying to update with sudo pacman -Syyu or reinstall with yaourt pacman. Apparently /var/lib/pacman/ has disappeared from my laptop. Do I need to reinstall or is there a recovering solution, please? Thx once more for your precious help.

  • I could try copying the pacman folder taken from a different pc to var/lib but it does not work in nautilus and I dont know how to do it in a terminal…

  • Succes with sudo cp -r pacman /var/lib

  • When you can talk alone… why publish on a forum?

  • caus we all are listen ;)

  • i would check AUR packages installed, or do you remember what could have been the caus of this removement?
    Something you where tinkering before?

    pacman -Qqem should show all AUR packages on your system

  • @joekamprad Thx, pacman -Qqem gives no return. Normal? I have no idea why and how the pacman folder was removed. I never manipulate system folders or files. It happened after an update. Exactly like when I lost all my personal files during an update on my desktop that we discussed in another thread. The desktop froze during update, then all my files were gone. I am still trying to find them because there is no logical reason why they should have been erased.

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