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    hey there im having issues installing antergos onto my desktop. I have never had issues with antergos in the past ive installed it several times on my laptop without any issues. This time however installing it to my desktop i recieve the error “cannot find these packages: lib32-opencl-catalyst, lib32-catalyst-libgl, catalyst-libgl, catalyst-utils, lib32-catalyst-utils, catalyst-hook”: add_fatal in /usr/share/cnchi/src/misc/event.py:83 please refference the following number when reporting this error:0

    any help would be great thanks in advance

  • @crypticv may use the latest ISO from here will do a better job (your ISO is way old from 2013?)

    And read here:

  • You could try this (text “borrowed” from a closely related distro). If that’s not okey, feel free to deleet.)

    Basically, it means that Cnchi found zero (hence, you know, the 0) instances of a certain program that was available to download and then install for you as part of the installation process. So why would it not be able to find something as simple as a package? It’s normally one of two reasons, and thankfully the first one is quite easy to fix yourself - requiring no technical ninja skills.

    Your Internet connection is not stable or on. Obviously if your Internet connection flickers on and off, Cnchi may attempt to begin downloading a package while it is flickered off. The easiest way to solve this is to either ensure that you are connected to your modem or Internet source directly (via cable) or as close to the WiFi source as possible to ensure the strongest connection.
    Here's the dreaded one: the package truly does not exist! Sometimes, the Arch devs rename a package (even something as small changing a letter from uppercase to lowercase) and so Cnchi is unable to find the package as it is using the wrong URL to locate it from the repositories. Can you fix this? Yes, but it's slightly more involved. And if that doesn't sound like you, just wait a day or so and check to see if there's a new ISO by then! Oftentimes, we will have uploaded a fixed ISO within the first 24 hours of this occurring. But if you feel ready for an adventure, then here we go!
        Reboot to give you a fresh start.
        Once you have booted back up into the ISO, close out of Cnchi immediately and open up a terminal.
        Simply type this in to open your file manager as root: sudo nautilus
        Now that the file manager has opened, navigate to /usr/share/cnchi/data/packages.xml and double click on it to open it up.
         This file contains all the packages that Cnchi looks for to install for you, so to remove the troublesome one, just hit CTRL+F on your keyboard and type in the offending package.
        Once found, remove the line that package is on and save the file. 
        Yay! All technical work is done, and you can proceed to launch Cnchi as normal and continue on.
  • Well that worked out, so so…

    Here is a link instead:


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