• Mate Calculator Not Being Installed By Default

    I did the installation twice in different machines and selected MATE as the desired desktop environment both the times. However, I find that the installer is not installing MATE Calculator by default - along with the other applications… I had to install the application from the repositories. Any ideas why the installer ignores this particular app?

  • Antergos offers the vanilla versions of each DE you can choose from the installer, so Cnchi installs it only with the necessary apps and Antergos look (The numix icons and Antergos wallpapers). It’s up to each user to customize the system to their needs. Before you ask the question Why and isn’t Antergos for everyone? It’s the devs vision to make the Arch and DE installation easy, so every user can make an easy start. In my opinion; by searching for the additional apps you might need is a good start to learn and figure out the system. (And even that is made easy by Pamac, if you don’t want to use the terminal.) After all Arch is still a bit of a hands on system and the more you understand the system, the better you can look for a solution in case of a minor hickup.😉

  • But as mate-calc is aviable from Antergos as a package it is a misstake that it is not installed?
    @developers ??

    Or is galculator what is shipped as default here?

  • @joekamprad

    Yes, this is how I feel too. Mate Calculator should have been installed by default.

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