• Strange problem with the desktop

    I think XFCE is the best choice on Linux, I love it. But, now I have a problem when I start session, and is not always, only sometimes. Well, when the system enters to desktop all appears extended (icons on desktop and the panel, I think the background image is ok).
    Today I entered to screen configuration and I saw the refresh value to “nothing”, not to 75Hz as usual.
    I don’t know where I can search more things.
    What is happening?? Any suggestion??
    Thank you! (sorry if I made any mistake, my english is limited XD)

    – Edit –
    If I close the seesion and enter again all is ok.

  • Well, after an XOrg update all is running normally now. The problem is not reproduced again, at the moment.

  • may mesa update was the culprit here ?

  • I don’t know…the problem solved on certain update…

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