• Thumbnails for files .epub and .cbr, .cbz.

    Why the thumbnails for files .epub and for files .cbr and .cbz in Antergos Deepin don’t show up like in Gnome?
    I have already installed “gnome-epub-thumbnailer”. Thanks.

  • I think that gnome-epub-thumbnailer isn’t compatible (anymore?) with the latest Deepin release. The last time gnome-epub-thumbnailer was updated goes back to june 2015.

  • I think so, but then, how can we see these previews with Antergos Deepin?

  • Just a shot in the dark: Have you tried epub-thumbnailer? (So not the Gnome version)

  • 0_1540555345845_Schermata del 2018-10-26 14-01-41.png
    it does not exist.

  • It appears only if I write “epub-thum”…
    I thank you.
    I only have the problem of comics (.cbr .cbz).

  • My pleasure.
    Maybe you can try to install the evince-lcdfilter for the cbr. and cbz. files.

  • I thank you. Maybe this could work with every distro and every desktop?

  • I think so, Evince isn’t that picky to perform in other DE’s or distro’s.

  • Ok.
    Thanks again. You are very helpful!

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