• My opinion about Antergos

    After giving Antergos a try I have to say it runs GREAT, I have been using Ubuntu for many years but after they made so many changes to the desktop I felt it was time to move on

    I did try this distro a few months ago but never gave it a fare shake so to say. I love the large selection of software that’s available us to use.

    I notice with Antergos it does not use up much disk space which is a good thing, I’ve managed to install all the applications I use on a daily basis and everything seems to work well. I’ve been interested in a Arch based system but could never really get it installed correctly until now

    I have tried so many Linux distributions over the pass years but I think I will try to stick with Arch for awhile

    I hope to keep this distribution as my everyday OS, thanks again for all you guys do and for the help here on the forum

  • Good choice ;)
    And welcome at the Forum!

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