• Evolution very slow > 20 seconds at times to view message.

    Somewhere around two weeks ago some update seems to have messed up Evolution.

    For most messages it seems to take many seconds to view the message after it is clicked on. This used to take a second or less, now it can be up to 20 seconds.

    One thing I have noticed is at times, it displays the message but then it takes a long time to format and display correctly. The text lines would be longer than the view window but then it formats correctly after many seconds.

    I also noticed that one of my cpu cores goes to 100% while this is happening.
    Any ideas?

  • Interesting this seems to only happen with the gmail account (imapx).

    But it happens with after the message has been received. Weird. There is also a “Failed to call a DBus Proxy method org.gnome.Evolution.WebExtension::ElementExists: Timeout was reached” error but not always.

  • Well interesting, even if I make a local folder “On This Computer” and move the messages in there it still has the problem. It’s almost like the font rendering code is messed up. Could the webkit view be a problem?

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