• Baloo memory leak

    Since the update to Plasma 5.14 Baloo shows up with two processes in KSysGuard at system startup , one of them occuping gradually more and more memory and slowing down the system (CPU at 100%).
    As of now the only solution is to kill second the process.

    Is this a known issue or just affecting me?

  • No problem here with Baloo. Ksysguard shows single instance of baloo_file running, using 2,828 K of memory and 19,696 K shared memory. Maybe Baloo carrying out file indexing operations at the time?

  • I see two processes with name baloo in ksysguard

    baloo_file No-CPu% Mem- 2752K Shared-Mem 19340K
    baloo_runner No-CPU% Mem-4428K Shared-Mem 34332K

  • it is stil an indexer…

    you can disable it https://community.kde.org/Baloo/Configuration#Enable_.2F_Disable

    probably also with a gui… you can look if something changed…

  • @BlaiseD
    Do you also experience a memory leak?

  • Turning Baloo off solves the above issue, however I do need indexing to find my music files with Elisa.
    Could somebody please suggest a solution?


    Below you can see the contents of my ~/.config/baloofilerc file:

    [Basic Settings]
    exclude filters=*.init,*.part,*.ini,_darcs,*.po,autom4te,*.faa,*.fq,.obj,CMakeCache.txt,*.so,*.rej,CVS,core-dumps,CTestTestfile.cmake,*.loT,*.gbff,*.la,.pch,ui_*.h,CMakeTmpQmake,*.vm*,nbproject,*.omf,.npm,.moc,confdefs.h,*.fna,*.pyo,qrc_*.cpp,*.pyc,*.moc,CMakeFiles,*.gmo,*.swap,.svn,*.qrc,*.o,.hg,*.elc,*.csproj,node_packages,conftest,*.lo,.yarn,*.jsc,.uic,confstat,.bzr,node_modules,*.tmp,*.pc,moc_*.cpp,po,*.m4,.git,CMakeTmp,*.a,lzo,.yarn-cache,*.aux,*.gb,*.fastq,.xsession-errors*,Makefile.am,*.class,*.map,libtool,litmain.sh,*.rcore,.histfile.*,*~,cmake_install.cmake,*.fasta,__pycache__,*.orig,config.status,*.qmlc,*.nvram,lost+found,*.db
    exclude filters version=4
    first run=false
    only basic indexing=false
  • Could always give recoll a shot to test :) Mayby is some index file corrupted that causing this issue ?

    you can try to rename those index files so it going to make any new on before that you can look first in baloo status ?

  • @hordosikrisztian no I do not have a memory leak

  • @ringo32
    Thank you for your suggestion, it seems that the issue was just temporary, because all I needed to do is clear the pacman packages cache. Hopefully it was just a version conflict.

    I’ll keep this open for a couple of days, in case things turn sour again.

  • I haven’t experienced any suspicious behaviour for half a day (and a single reboot), so I guess I’ll close this one.

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