• Power button missing


    I Installed GNOME on my Dell XPS 13 and tweaked some energy and TRIM settings.

    Unfortunately the power button in the GNOME shell is missing. I have always to first log out of my session and shut then down.

    Has anyone a clue why that happens?

  • install: Status Menu Buttons extension …
    sudo pacman -S gnome-shell-extension-status-menu-buttons

  • Thanks @joekamprad that fixed my error.

    Why do I need that? I had another machine with GNOME and GDM before and I never needed that extension. The extensions description also states that this one is for LightDM users…

  • lightdm is the default loginmanager at Antergos…
    And it must not be needed at all time… but helps if this is broken in magical ways… sometimes happen

  • Yes I know that it is the default. I don’t use it.

    This morning my computer couldn’t load the extension and I had to log off again the odd way.

  • I uninstalled LightDM and its dependencies. GNOME now feels way faster and symbols when changing programs with ctrl+tab are at a normal size. Let’s hope that really fixes my problem.

  • GNOME and his ADWAITA philosophy is doing this,.,.,.,

    GDM + GNOME is what GNOME wanting…

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