• Transparent Gone



    Transparent gone how to fix this?

  • @joekamprad cant you help me :( ?

  • @Rusiru they are no settings for transparency inside deepin… there is only 2 modes one is with effects and one without… i remember you can choose in first startup…

    Switch Display Mode
    There are two display modes of Dock, which are fashion mode and efficient mode.

    Fashion mode: The display mode is similar to Mac OS and displayed by a tray at the bottom of screen. All fixed application icons will be displayed on Dock.

    Efficient mode: The display mode is similar to Windows 7 and displayed by a small strip at the bottom of screen. Application icons fixed on Dock by default will be displayed in small ones, and icons of same types will be merged together to save more space for others.
    You can switch the display mode by the following operations:

    • On desktop, move the mouse pointer over Dock.
    • Right click.
    • Select a display mode
    • on the Mode submenu.

    Source: https://wiki.deepin.org/index.php?title=Deepin_Desktop_Environment&language=en

  • I understand what @Rusiru means, the main menu used to be transparent. Since Deepin changes their interfaces with every update like a fashion designer does with his/her collection each season, I’m afraid you have to take each change as it is. Maybe you can check their forum and Github page, to see if this is a change or a bug.

  • i do a deepin install with the package groups from archlinux and i do still have transparency:
    0_1539409258308_Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-10-13 07-38-24.png
    So may they are a package change We are not aware of?

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