• Forum login problems

    Hello everyone not sure if this post is in the correct forum if not feel free to move it. I signed up a few days ago and I’m having issues logging in from some of my others machines. This machine login OK but when I try to login from my laptop it keeps telling me my login info is incorrect

    Thanks for any help with this

  • do you use username or email to login?

  • Hello I use my user name for login in to theses forums but for some strange reason I am unable to login in on my other pc’s or smart phone

    Thanks for any help with this issue

  • try login with emailadress instead…?

  • I tried this and for some reason it keeps bring me back to the registration page to sign up asking me to register, I’m only able to access the forum from this one machine. Thank you

  • may you will need to logout from all devices, and log back in caused by your email change…

  • have you looked intoo a cookie ?

  • @ringo32 said in Forum login problems:

    have you looked intoo a cookie ?

    Don’t how this would be effecting my logins. I can login just fine on this PC but lets say my laptop I cannot login at all. I’ve tried but it keeps taking me to the registration page, and even if I try to do a forgot password reset it will flash the page quickly and will not let me reset anything

    I do appreciate your affords. thank you

  • As Antergos Forum and Wiki is using Auth0 it is may the case that you are still logged in with old emailadress on one device, so you will need to logout first on all devices (Browsers)

  • @RobertG got something like that in the past… but vague remember to solve :p had even tried with wordpress bt is so vague, but sometimes cookies affects something.

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