• [SOLVED] Cinnamon Desktop over gnome installation

    hi all , i installed cinnamon desktop over installed gnome , i can’t use the gnome desktop anymore, for example when trying to use firefox i get part of wallpaper appears in middle of firefox browser, so do terminal doesn’t work.
    here is how firefox appear 0_1539038284318_Screenshot from 2018-10-07 14-20-58.png
    is there any thing i can do?

  • @senator

    If you want to install and use addition DE it’s a good idea to use a separate user account and start whatever DE you would like to run on that account. It’s been my experience if you try to run more than one DE on a single account you will run into problems such as you are experiencing.


  • thank you man , good idea , i think i will try it later, just installed mate desktop and it works fine with the same account.

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