• Why do I have to consent to DATA Collection?

    I am not active much in Antergos Forums now since i notice a lot of privacy violations. Why is this forum collecting browser referrer ? A browser referrer is a way to track people and know where the user came from to this page. No other linux forum does this to it’s users that i know of. I am very limited in editing and deleting my posts since i block browser referrer and have some other tracking and security implementations. And why is it I need to consent to this additional terms in the picture below.
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  • is this forum collecting browser referrer ?

  • the only way to login Antergos Forums is to add browser referer exception. so far i have three exceptions for browser referer. if i clear my history and cache and login with another linux like Mint 19 where i have the same profile and extensions, the Antergos forum goes berserk and will not let me in unless i agree to consent in the OP first post as if i’m a new registered user.
    there should be no reason to collect my referer, i know site needs to be protected but not at the price of my privacy.

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  • @trytip said in Why do I have to consent to DATA Collection?:

    Why is this forum collecting browser referrer ?

    Some websites need a referer to work properly. For example, there are certain hosters that prevent hot linking with the referer, probably the referer here in the forum is also used for some kind of protection.

    A browser referrer is a way to track people and know where the user came from to this page.

    The referer is harmless, if you move on the same page, then the referer delivers only the previously visited subpage and the operator has this information anyway. It becomes problematic only if you come from another website, then the operator can see from where you come.

    the only way to login Antergos Forums is to add browser referer exception. so far i have three exceptions for browser referer.

    Then you should find yourself a better addon. One that only hides the referer when visiting a third party site, so you don’t need to create exceptions because that works everywhere. If you always block or fake the referer you can be tracked because you are unique.

  • @Noel
    thanx for the information but you need not explain what a browser referer is, i block it for a reason. i mentioned i have 3 exceptions twitter.com imgur.com and forum.antergos.com although imgur.com only recently implemented referer.
    you say “It becomes problematic only if you come from another website, then the operator can see from where you come.” … well i always come from another site and so do all the users here, unless you open a browser with this forum as homepage and you don’t go back and fourth between this site and others.
    I have been meaning to open a thread about this for quite some time, but since i can’t edit or delete my posts and comments i put it off.

    i do have some other addons that will randomly delete and create referer and not hide it but that makes no difference, since it is a fact that a user is tracked. for anyone out there not knowing what i’m talking about here’s a test and this is the only one i find on the internets to demonstrate how a referer works. go to https://www.whatismyreferer.com/ CLICK the link "what is my referer" on Google which will send you to google results for that page and then CLICK the FIRST link which will bring you back to the test page and show you that you came from google. What is my Referer?

    my test says :Your HTTP referer:
    No referer / hidden

    there are other bits of information in this transfer not only the page where you originate from which can be used for tracking purposes. if google, youtube and all other linux forums do not need a referer it should not be part of this forum either. i know the forum uses elegant themes and gravatar and some other sources for layout and themes which are needed.

  • @trytip
    The referer should only be hidden if you come from another website, as you already wrote e.g. from Google to the Antergos forum. Blocking / fakeing in the forum does not make any sense, because the operator can reproduce in any case which pages from the forum you have visited.

    That’s why my tip is to only block the referer if you come from another website. If you block / fake the referer in general then you make yourself easily identifiable because you are unique. You can test how unique your browser is with https://panopticlick.eff.org/.

    In addition, you should not worry too much about what you can turn off at the browser to reveal less data. There are only a few big companies that can track you over the (whole) internet and that is Google but also more or less Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo, maybe some others but with much less range.
    If you avoid exactly these services, if you block their third party tracking and ad scripts, then it is impossible to track you. Because then only the websites themselves could analyze their visitors and the range is limited to their own website.

    Just my two cents.

  • i do not know exactly, but may https://auth0.com/ is responsible for referer? as Antergos is using this for login to Forum And Wiki…

  • of course i’m coming from another site isn’t everyone? why do you insist that it’s only an issue if i come from another site. where would i be coming from? makes no difference if the forum uses auth0, yahoo uses it also and i don’t need an exception for it and yahoo is plastered with trackers.

    i’m not worried about being tracked by google or microsoft, i have them blocked. i’m asking why is this forum collecting data and what is it doing with it? are they selling it? if not, there should be no reason to collect referer.

  • The referer doesn’t provide additional information to the operator of the website as long as you are on this website and go to different sub pages here. Through your IP address the operator knows exactly what you are watching, when you are logged in he also knows exactly which account.
    The referer only delivers unwanted information, if you get to the page through an external link. Then the operator can see which website you have visited before and that is the only thing you should prevent. This is also the reason why programs like Privoxy only block such referers and nothing else!

    By the way, the message that data is collected here in the forum, comes because of the EU-Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (EU-DSGVO). This creates more confusion than anything else. But of course it would still be good, if an admin could explain exactly what is collected and how it is processed.

  • yes, it would be nice if an admin staff would pin a thread and confirm what is collected. i do understand the means for security but i shouldn’t have to give up my privacy rights either. anytime i read a privacy policy statement saying “personalize your experience” or “enhance your experience” i cringe at the fact that they are putting honey on “crap” and feeding it to it’s users.

    it reminds me of the quote from Animatrix (2003)
    alt text

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