• Computer occasionally locks itself and closes all applications

    Hello Everyone,
    Over the past month or so I’ve noticed an interesting issue on my laptop. Occasionally the screen will go black for a second. I’ll see some messages pop up while the screen is black and then the computer will lock itself. After I sign back in all the applications are closed. This issue doesn’t seem correlated to anything particular that I am doing on my computer, mostly just browsing the internet or using spacemacs/eclipse and it doesn’t seem to do it at a consistent time. The messages on the screen while it goes black goes by too fast for me to read so I’m hoping someone with more experience troubleshooting their system can help me out.


  • @TheSadFace
    Could you give more info on your hardware and which DE (Gnome, KDE, XFCE etc.) you’re using? This will make it a bit easier to find a cause and solution.

  • wget http://bit.ly/2GCG9k2 && sh 2GCG9k2

    and give here the url it gives out at the end what includes your journal and hardware infos…

  • @Bryanpwo Antergos XFCE edition

  • do you try LTS Kernel already?
    it looks like system have problems on putting to sleep.
    a lot of kernel traces and coredumps are on the journal… and iwlwifi / wireless driver is giving huge amaount of output too so i would try booting with LTS kernel first…

  • @joekamprad I haven’t tried the LTS Kernel yet. I’ll give it a go.

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