• TEST the Forum Post


    • hello

    Bild Text

    code_text </>

    code_text button is doubled now !
  • i get code markups shown inside notifications:

    piotr hat ein neues Thema erstellt: <span class=“unanswered”><i class=“fa fa-question-circle”></i> Unsolved</span> obhud (Openbox HUD) should now work with Radeon graphics

  • I get them also.

  • You mean this area?


  • Looks well here:


  • @joekamprad
    Strange. I see them only on posts from you!


  • @joekamprad & @manuel

    It’s true, that’s strange.

    0_1538919128259_Schermafdruk van 2018-10-07 15-26-15.jpg

  • it is happen only on new posts after last update of forum software ;)

  • @joekamprad
    I know, I saw it also on new posts from other members, I just couldn’t resist the tease opportunity 😜

  • This is good!


  • Does this update bring an option to edit posts? Previously, I couldn’t edit any of my posts because forum displayed errors…

    Testing edit… Great, edit of existing posts seems to work now!

  • 0_1539190790859_Screenshot_2018-10-10-17-28-23.png
    i can not post from mobile device browsers anymore… issue is that the commit button is not reachable in any browser, also if i choose show as Desktop Webside, and if i minimize the keyborad…


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