• Antergos won't boot EFI installation (minimal and live)

    Hello good people!
    First of all I am not completely new user but I really never have so big need o come here and say about some bug, now I really need help with this, because I can’t install new Antergos 18.10, and release before that one.

    The problem is when I boot into antergos live or minimal installation after selecting run antergos live from usb. I tried to make installation from rufus, rosa and etcher. When make installation with rufus, this is what I get


    with rosa and etcher this


    If I install it running legacy usb than it would not boot after installation, some grub error is there.

  • @Djordje
    Try CD/DVD in the boot menu. It fixed the error for me. :)

    I also recommend to install the ISO like this (It fixes the Can’t mount USB error, because some USB tools doesn’t rename the USB label correctly):
    (I can’t post the direct link because Akismet Anti-Spam is too paranoid!)
    Google: antergos create a working live usb

  • https://antergos.com/wiki/de/uncategorized/create-a-working-live-usb/

    @Milan you need some compliments first the you will pass thru akismet ;)

  • @Milan Thanks man it’s worked!
    But still, this is a bug.

  • @Djordje yes but we do not know what is wrong here… as it do not effect any system…

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