• Where To Learn More About Package Updates - Change Log Somewhere?

    Hello Everyone,

    I was just curious, I noticed a package update with my libinput package (libinput-1.12.1-1), and I was wondering where can I go to learn more about the changes? I know the Archwiki has some information, linked here:

    However, is there another place where I can see what updates are made easily? Is there a change log somewhere I can search for all Arch packages?


  • Antergos:


    But there is not an info on every update of any package… and not a track down page for every change made on Archlinux packages/system itself…

  • @a4orce84
    Interesting question! I’ve been thinking about it also, but so far did nothing about it.
    But thanks to your question, I decided to write a little script that shows what Arch pages choose to reveal as the change logs for any official Arch package.

    Usage is simple:

    arch-cl <package-name>

    on a terminal, and it shows you the change log of that package in a browser.
    Note that you need to know the exact package name – e.g. libreoffice-fresh instead of just libreoffice.
    Note also that this does not show changelogs about AUR packages nor Antergos packages.

    You may configure it (use your favorite browser) by changing the BROWSER_ARCH_CL environment variable, e.g.

    export BROWSER_ARCH_CL=vivaldi-stable

    in your ~/.bashrc file. But don’t have to configure, it works by default anyway.

    EDIT: I removed the script from here. Please download and install it using these commands:

    cd /tmp  # or any folder you have write permissions
    wget -q https://github.com/manuel-192/arch-cl/raw/master/PKGBUILD
    makepkg -sic
    rm -f PKGBUILD arch-cl-*   # optional cleanup
  • The arch-cl package is in github:
    for anyone to use.

  • Just fixed a bug in arch-cl, download the latest release (use the instructions above) to get the fix.

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