• whats up with all the bullshit smileys? .. ...

    @injo said in auto opening and how to use wallet properly:

    ps whats up with all the bullshit smileys using ‘`’" ?? I cant use proper quotes and ticks without that silly smiley poppin’ up all over the place.

    inline code and


    are not effected but ... are giving this: …

    and ..

    @developers ?

  • do you all have this ?
    //test edit://

  • Yes, older post also have it .

  • Compromised?
    Yesterday the login process was also different than before.

  • Updated the forum last night. Seems something is bugged in the markdown parser. On the bright side, it looks like editing posts is working again 🤦🏻♂

  • bullshit smileys are gone editing works!
    I am very happy today!!!🌈
    thanks @lots-0-logs 🏀

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