• Desktop Laggy/VSync?

    Hello there,

    I haven’t used Linux on Desktop since years… and now i’m back on it for Testing Purpose.

    Now i own a ThinkPad A485 with a Ryzen 2700u Vega 10 APU. And i notice a strange Laggy ?VSync? Problem on my Laptop Screen and also on External Monitors.

    Is there a way to fix this issue? Do i need another Driver for the Vega 10? I was thinking this should be all in the Kernel? Or do i miss another Option to set that the Window Movement is not so strange?

    Thanks for your Help

  • Okey i have installed the Package *-amgdpu now and the Initialisation looks fine but the Performance on the Gnome Desktop is still worse.

    About the Set_required_module_parameters: They look old… or just for the Generation “Southern Islands and Sea Islands (CIK)”. So around 2 or 3 Generation behind Vega.

    Log from my last Startup

  • I found the Solution.

    It was the Animations from Gnome. After i turned them Off it works like a charm. No Lag nothing.

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