• Systemd boot: No device specified for hibernation


    i installed Antergos successfully on my Lenovo x230 but each time i boot up, i get this error message:

    No device specified for hibernation.

    Even with automatic partitioning, the error occurs.
    I found some solutions for grub, but grub doesn’t work on my laptop and i prefer systemd.

    I would be glad if anyone knows a solution to this problem

  • https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Power_management#Sleep_hooks

    but i do not know how automatic setup is handeling this on Antergos…


  • I had the same issue before. do you have a swap partition on your system? As joekamprad mentioned, the Arch wiki talks about this a bit. I was actually in the middle of doing this with systemd myself before i got side tracked but check out the link above and below they should be a good starting point.


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