• Get stuck at the password prompt

    Hey guys, :)

    I have a big problem. I can’t use my encrypted external hard drive when I plug it in I get the password prompt but I can’t cancel or decrypt wtf 🤷. How can I fix it please? Thanks 😘

  • will need more info on how do you encrypt the disk…

  • @joekamprad Oh a external hard drive ext4 luks. :)

  • @hostagekia said in Get stuck at the password prompt:


    do you try open it manually?

    cryptsetup open /dev/sdXn cryptname

  • @joekamprad no I think gnome can decrypt it but when I plugged it in my laptop the password prompt pop up I type the password and I can’t validate the password and can’t even cancel and get out of this prompt I need to reboot after get stuck.

  • Did you use special chars in your password?

    Maybe it’s a problem of keyboard map? I mean, that maybe when you created the luks device you were using an american keyboard mapping and you are using now another one? (or viceversa)

  • Or maybe the NumLock key is in wrong state?

  • @karasu Yes many special characters 😉 but it works on fedora 28 and Ubuntu too so 🤷

  • Yes, but Antergos = rolling release = more recent versions may causing little bug older versions do not have…
    So I would check open via terminal command to see if this is not caused by the mechanism used from GNOME itself.
    And check keyboard settings…

  • I was having the same problem recently in Gnome. Don’t know what is causing it… This is what I did to bypass the problem:

    1. I disabled USB automounting:

    gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.media-handling automount true
    gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.media-handling automount-open false

    1. now when I plug the external disk in, I can manually mount the luks partition with:

    sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sdb2 cryptpart
    sudo mkdir /mnt/crypthome
    sudo mount /dev/mapper/cryptpart /mnt/crypthome
    cd /mnt/crypthome

    1. when finished, umount it with:

    sudo umount /mnt/crypthome && sudo rmdir /mnt/crypthome

  • @knightfall so the cause is may on GNOME nautilus,

  • Nice I gonna try it =) thanks <3 @knightfall

  • @joekamprad very probable. I’ve seen this on a freshly installed Antergos + Gnome a couple of days ago. Not 100% sure but IIRC, even the live iso.

  • Well, it seems my temporary solution is not working anymore. I can reproduce the issue even with the live ISO (Gnome), but not on other desktops (I’ve tried xfce, kde, budgie) so I guess it’s definitely a Nautilus bug. The only way to prevent the prompt issue is to plug in the encrypted drive BEFORE logging into Gnome.

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