• How to update BIOS ?

    I am asking here, cause I a new to Antergos (thus new to Arch) and still consider myself new to linux in general. Yes, I have googled how to update my BIOS and the results I am getting are for Windows, even though I specify in search it is for Linux.
    So can someone give me basic step by step instructions or some hidden link with the instructions for Linux, please?

    I have 2 Toshiba Satelite Laptops and I have downloaded what I think is the updated version for both (I know that it is for one and will double check for the other) .

    Thanks in advance for any help or direction pointing that I can get!

  • the procedure is different on every device… to get possible instructions this will need to get exact model name of your notebooks ;)

  • They are both Toshiba Satelite C-55 series laptops.

  • @cassi
    It may not be so easy… But found this: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Flashing_BIOS_from_Linux

    It might be an reasonable option to install Windows on an external USB disk and use it for stuff that cannot be done with a Linux system.

    Hopefully someone else has more info.

  • So you are suggesting that I make “a live USB” for Windows, like I did for Linux OS’es when I was testing them out and then use it to do things like this???

  • @cassi
    Yes, unless you are willing to simply dual boot with Windows.
    But if you are adventerous, try those Arch tips and ditch Windows. ;)

  • Well, when I switched from Zorin to Antergos, I did ditch the dual boot and Windows…that is why I am trying to figure out how to do this without Windows. I should have done a better job of having BIOS updated…but, it was just drilled into me not to mess with the BIOS 😕

  • @cassi
    I can understand that. But if you need to update BIOS quickly for a reason, then Windows might be the fastest way.
    I have been too lazy to try linux means for BIOS updates…
    And installing Windows shouldn’t be too hard to an external drive, you can download Windows from MS site for free.

  • it is possible to di Bios updates with FREEDOS-Stick copied the DOS-compatible firmware exe on the stick… but most BIOS update utilities nowadays are windows executables…

  • Are you sure Windows is necessary? I came across this video: How to update a Toshiba Satellite BIOS by CD. Personally I updated BIOS in my Asus twice, having never ever Windows installed. All I needed was a flash disk drive.

  • the procedures are different… some manufacturer offer a ISO file others only a windows tool, or a windows tool to create an ISO… it is mostly a bit tricky to get the flasprogramm running if you do not use the offered solution to do so… but it works mostly…

  • Thank you @joekamprad and @piotr for your advice and direction pointing! I have watched the video and posted 2 questions to the creator. Hopefully, that will give me the information that I need along with the information in the link provided by @manuel ☺ and I will be able to have the systems up and running and running better than before ☺
    Again, thanks guys for all the help, I will let you know how it goes and mark it accordinly!

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