• Cnchi installer shows 0.16.8, but 0.14 in logs

    Hello, I am posting this to ask if the errors I am receiving during installation are happening because of cnchi possibly not getting updated? I would also want to mention I am on somewhat bad connection. The version of the installer I had after I saw the notification that it had updated was 0.16.8. I also have this link for the logs installer closed: https://ptpb.pw/uEBr. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

  • @huevoleen
    You might want to see this thread: https://forum.antergos.com/topic/10714/new-installer-is-broke
    There are some workarounds for the install issues.

  • @manuel Thank you, I appreciate the support. I was able to get everything installed. Only had to setup xorg from installing base antergos. Here’s what I did: Downloaded base install, updated mirrors list with reflector and antergos mirrors list with another list found in this forum, ran “sudo pacman -Sy cnchi” to update cnchi manually, chose option to “keep mirrors list as they are” in installer, and used jack in the box WiFi.

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