• Pacman Cache Nearly Full

    I’ve nearly 30GB in my pacman cache. I’d like reduce the space used a fair bit. On searching I keep seeing recommendations to use paccache however I can’t find paccache either in antergos package manager or by tryign to install through pacman. Has it been superseded and if so what should I use now to safely remove old versions of packages or orphan packages?

  • @eamonn-doyle
    It can be found in package pacman-contrib.

  • You could use e.g. command:

    sudo paccache -r -k 1

    This keeps one version instead of the default three.

  • @manuel Many thanks. I’d seen references to pacman-contrib but hadn’t realised it was an actual package itself. Installed and now cleaned. Just over 23GB of space reclaimed.

  • @eamonn-doyle
    BTW, this might be of interest to you if you are more familiar with commands of some other Linux distros:

  • @manuel Many thanks that’s indeed very useful. Was more used to Ubuntu and thus apt. I recently on my laptop managed to ruin my pacman cache when it was full as well by doing a clean through the desktop manager (not sure exactly how I managed it). None of the packages were recognised as installed. Was easier to just reinstall in that instance so was more careful this time hence the question.

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