• No system sounds in cinnamon

    Hello ,
    Got a weird issue , I have no system sounds in cinnamon
    sound card works just fine other wise , in music and games . when I enable the start up sound slider , and hit the " test sound " to hear it nothing . If I click on the little sound icon for each sound it opens a folder , a blank folder , if I open pulse audio control panel I get system sounds . I am running a audigy 2 RX sound card . This is a fresh install of antergos , I tryed reinstalling and the same thing , I tryed installing again except with the KDE desktop and it worked fine , somthing weird herein cinnamon, any ideas really like the distro

  • @brothergc just wanted to add that I took out the sound card and the same issue is present
    I am wondering if the sound files were not installed . I have run linux mint cin edition and if I click on the little sound icon for each sound it will open a folder and I can see each sound file , do the same in antergos and I get a blank folder

  • well this is getting better and better , I was looking thru the software and saw pieces of bluetooth installed brear in mind I deselected bluetooth support on install , I removed pulse audio bluetooth support , helped much system ran better , so I uninstalled all bluetooth items big mistake apon reboot bye bye desktop :( reinstalled OS and the 1st thing I did was uninstall pulse audio blue tooth much better but still no system sounds .
    Why is blue tooth their when I did not select it when I installed the OS ?
    Also I noticed that chinci or what ever you call the installer , likes to slow way down just about the time its installing the boot loader , seriously guys dump chinci , please dump it nothing but issues over and over and over

  • @brothergc

    well issue fixed . It was simple dump Antergos install Manjaro cinnamon edition . Sounds are present and working as they should , all sound files are now present . THAT was the problem the sound effect files never got installed
    and seeing as I am a linux noobie and can get NO help here forget Antergos waste of time from someone who keeps a crappy chinci installer that does not work right and never did . done here bye bye antergos

  • well the problem is easy to fix.just install the sound from AUR.To do so, just open add and remove programs, the look for cinnamon sound,install it and there you go.No need to install Manjaro to have sound.

  • @kgavionics

    oh I was unaware where to get the files , I am kinda green here when it comes to Linux so sorry for the last post I get frustrated
    I am going to give it one last shot as I see their is a new version of Antergos available but I still have droughts. I am seeing major differences between Antergos and Manjaro mainly in the Pulse Audio control panel . In Manjaro sound is flawless , in antergos I saw the sound change . My audio card a creative audigy rx so it has 2 outputs a amped version and a non amplified version , and antergos would switch back and forth on its own , weird .
    That being said , I still do not get why support for bluetooth on pulse audio is installed by default when I did not check the box for bluetooth support when installing the OS .
    And another weird unrelated issue , opening the file manager as root some old files I had no access to even though I had admin rights to ( I checked)
    As I said I give it one more go , post back tonight

  • @brothergc

    tried a fresh install with secure erasing my drive , major fail read some kind of error saying not " chinci failed not enough disk space" along about the final install process .
    Sorry Guys but your distro blows chunks , Manjaro installed on the exact same hardware and worked out of the box . Every time I have tryed antergos their have been nothing but issues done here admin please close thread

  • @brothergc

    one last final note to anyone who might want antergos with out the all the bloat of manjaro is to do a community released cinnimon edition , this edition has no blue tooth , no office app, or media players preinstalled just base system a lot like Antergos. I used this and installed the latest Firefox , VIC player , and steam , and they work flawlessly . The only downside to this is I had to figure out what to install for printer support but that was easy , I just compared files listed between the full and min install and searched for the printer drivers and installed them
    was not that hard even for a Linux nooby like me .
    Shame Antergos can not do the same , I really wanted this distro , seriously ! But manjaro came thru no Bluetooth pulse sound driver ! no wiggy pulse audio issues , steam works flawless , no wonder manjaro is #1 at distrowatch
    As I said before and I hope someone in charge will read this , dump your current installer , beta software is unbecoming , but you keep using it , that is insane ( look up the deflation of “inane” keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results)

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