• git daemon user

    At today’s restart of the computer I had a new user named “git daemon user” in the login screen. Does anyone know why the account was created and can it be removed?

  • I had the same behaviour with the git-daemon user. I simply removed the user and everything works.

  • Hi,

    and how can the user be removed?

    And generally: is there no GUI User management tool available for Antergos? Wasn’t able to find any up to now (using XFCE)

  • Removing git daemon user using Cinnamon’s “Users and groups” GUI has completely broken my installation, I’m not sure if removing it via commands will work for everyone (I see one reply says it did), I would wait until there is more info on this, or there is a fix… I just lost a 3+ years antergos install with no real good reason other than not wanting to see one extra user listed at log-in.

    Now even while entering via fallback mode I’m getting:

    ERROR: Root device mounted successfully, but /sbin/init does not exist.
    Bailing out, you're on your own. Good luck.
    sh: can't access tty; job control turned off
    [rootfs ]#
  • @joekamprad : thanks for the applicable commands. So I understand there is no GUI application for user managment in Antergos (or rather XFCE?). Wondering why not - is that so complicated?

    @pinchi-hotmail : Thanks for sharing. In that case I will rather not touch this “User”, whereas I think it totally sucks that “something” could create a user on my system, and I don’t have the faintest idea what it’s doing. 😠

  • Thanks for all the feedback. Meanwhile there is an update accountservice 0.654-1. Has anyone tried if all problems are solved and this “git daemon user” disappears?

    If not, what did you do to make it go away? With

    awk -F: '{printf "%s:%s\n",$1,$3}' /etc/passwd

    you can display all users and there is one called “git”. Do I have to delete this git-user? I don’t want to break down my system.

  • I’m sure the new accountservice 0.654-1 has addressed this issue but on the whole and to preempt future problems I recommend replacing the “one size fits all” lightdm with a more reliable DM that’s best suited for your DE such as SDDM (plasma) or GDM (Gnome)


  • i think there is a git user if you have git installed ;)

    $ grep -i git /etc/passwd
    git:x:978:978:git daemon user:/:/usr/bin/git-shel
  • @nachbar there are such tools inside the big DE’s (GNOME/KDE) but there is no one for XFCE and most other DE’s as they do not provide them…

    But @manuel have done a usermanager: https://github.com/manuel-192/UserManager

  • @joekamprad @nachbar

    The UserManager is rather simple. It works for normal users and basic operations, but it will not delete system users, such as git.
    Those (official) command line utilities are more capable for user management.

  • I’ve removed git-daemon-user via KDE “User and groups” GUI and after reboot all my preferences were gone.

    Desktop, KDE wallet, bash and all my settings (ex. Chrome login and other things) all disappeared, now i have to reset all.

  • All my files in /home are gone after this thing

    What can i do?

  • @rivamarco said in git daemon user:

    All my files in /home are gone after this thing

    What can i do?

    If the home directory was deleted, then the data is unfortunately gone. There are programs like foremost or PhotoRec but you won’t be able to recover everything. If you try it boot from a USB stick and not with the internal HDD / SSD.
    But it is easier and better to restore a backup, if available.

  • Since several people already had problems, the git daemon user should definitely not be deleted. I found an old thread with the subject: git-daemon user created after latest update with the same problem. So the git daemon user is really created by the git package.

  • I read this forum 8 days ago. I wish I had read it 6 days ago cuz I saw the entry that stated “I deleted the user and all was fine” and missed the user that pretty much stated I would spend 4 hours today with testdisk, phtorec and sorting through lots of files called F12345678.mp4 etc

    There are two VERY IMPORTANT bugs here:

    1: a user was created on the system that should have been hidden, not made available as a standard, logon user
    2: the GUI for deleting users must provide an option for backing up the user files in that user profile

    actually, there is a third - and more fundamental issue;
    Why the hell is the git-daemon-user linked to the main login user? Why, if I delete a user other than myself should my own profile be decimated?

    this is a huge bug and is dangerous in my view. a user is created automatically that appears to be a link to my own user.

    Where is the bug? Is this a bug in the GIT processes, Antergos, Gnome / Cinnamon, the Linux kernel or something else?

    So, the rest of the day will be taken up with reinstalling Antergos and setting up a suitable rsync cron job.


  • Here is a working solution to hide the git daemon user from the login screen:

    gksudo geany /var/lib/AccountsService/users/git

    (Replace geany with your text editor)

    Add the lines:


    Save and restart, the entry git daemon user should have disappeared now.

    I would also recommend to replace the LightDM Greeter, the lightdm-gtk-greeter is much slimmer and faster than the pre-installed lightdm-webkit2-greeter, also recommended is LXDM (for Xfce user).
    The change is easy and is well explained here.

  • Thanks! Hiding the git daemon user from the login screen, as you suggested, worked well.

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