• accountsservice upgrade broke lightdm login

    After upgrading the the accountsservice package from (0.6.50-1 -> 0.6.53-1) I was unable to login as my username had been replace with a user called git-daemon-user which i was unable to change. The workaround is to downgrade accountsservice back to 0.6.50-1

  • @swipe Wow. Thanks for the Notification. Was just about to upgrade, but I guess it’s better to wait then.

  • I’ve just upgraded accountsservice my arch laptop running SDDM and all is fine so I think I’ll just replace lightdm with SDDM as it has a history of breakages in recent years

  • I had the same behaviour with the git-daemon user. I simply removed the user and everything works.

  • @frog as others reporting removing the user will breake the system !!!

  • Did anyone here tried the new update now to 6.54? I am still not sure if I should update or not. Is it safe now?

  • i do not get this git-daemon-user shown on lightdm-slick-greeter here, may it is related to the antergos-webkit greeter only?

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