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    When I install the Gno-Menu extension it does not work, has anyone been able to get the Gno-Menu to work and how?


  • @listening may caused by beein not updated to new GNOME 3.30 ?

    uninstall with packagemaneger (pamac) and try using it directly from GNOME-extensions side:
    sudo pacman -S chrome-gnome-shell
    and go to extensions webside, install directly from webside:

    https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/608/gnomenu/ = Version 27

    the two versions from AUR:
    gnome-shell-extension-gnomenu-git = Version 25
    gnome-shell-extension-gnomenu = Version 23

  • @joekamprad Thanks for the reply, but no matter where I download it from and no matter what version I try it gives me the same error “error loading extension”.


  • @listening indeed there is something wrong… the standard extensions shipped by gnome-shell-extensions package are not working correctly… there is a application menu extension inside not working anymore, and are kind of not working together with gnomenu extension …

  • Thank you again, as long as I know it’s not me :)


  • i just tried also build directly from github page but it is also not working… may wait till the issue get fixed… as allways on GNOME release update extensions go a bit crappy…

  • as reported at GitHub:
    installing gnome-menus makes gno-menu working here!

  • @joekamprad

    Thank you,
    Installing “gnome-menus” worked :)

  • @Listening you are welcome ✌

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