• Computer turns on automatically

    It still works… still have no idea why it sometimes turns on by itself. It happens more often while the mouse is plugged in.
    It is not that much of a deal, just bit annoying.

  • @olividir
    Does it do that on other operating systems? If not, then it sounds like it is a setting issue somewhere. But if yes, then it may be a hardware issue.

  • I haven’t been able to install anything like Ubuntu or Linux Mint because my APU doesn’t like any kernel less than 17 (found that out the hard way).
    I started out on Manjaro but they didn’t have proper driver support for my Wi-Fi card (they might now) so I moved from that very quickly.

    I started noticing this on Antergos GNOME desktop. And then I went to Antergos KDE desktop and noticed even better. But it is not consistent at all and it seems to be very random to me… except it happens much more often while I have the mouse plugged in.

    I am currently very happy with my setup and in no mood to make clean install 🙂

  • @olividir
    OK, not pushing you to test any other system! :)
    Originally I thought to ask if it was working any better with Windows, but I’m not trying to get you install that either! ;)

    But nice to hear that you’re happy with Antergos. Hopefully some day that strange boot problem gets resolved. It must something simple and obvious that we just fail to find here.

    And if (by any chance) you wish to do a simple thing to manage the reboot, you might want to set up a systemd service or cron entry that shuts down your system just after midnight (maybe at about 00:01 or something). Not recommending it though since it may cause other problems if you happen to be doing something with the machine at that time.

  • @manuel None taken with the OS stuff 🙂 I really didn’t use Windows with this computer, I think I booted into it once because I didn’t know which button would get me into bios 😆

    In my opinion there is no “perfect” OS. And to mention on how random this boot up is, I forgot to unplug the mouse last night, computer was still off this morning. So it seems to be very random.
    Maybe some update over the last few days resolved it 🤞

    This is similar to my random soft lockup on CPU, which was very common before finding this solution: https://forum.level1techs.com/t/ryzen-vega-laptop-pcie-bus-error/124661/60

    The lockups still happen, but they are weeks apart now compared to multiple times per boot before.

  • @olividir
    OK. Sounds like your machine (hardware) has some rare issues.
    Basically Antergos (and any other decent operating system) should work without such issues.

    But your machine has a Ryzen processor, right?

    This thread is already quite long, TL;DR, but have you tried updating your machine’s BIOS/firmware? If not, and if there is an update available, that just might help (or not). But be careful to have the exactly right BIOS/firmware for the machine if you would be considering an update.

  • @manuel
    I do have Ryzen processor (APU) 🙂
    You are not the first one to ask about updating BIOS, and there is a newer version of bios available, BUT it can only be installed as long as the machine is running Windows. The update is done while machine is running and there is no way updating by downloading, adding to USB and flash it that way.

    Some months ago in a different thread a guy sent me a link to a website with direction on how to flash BIOS through terminal, but he also said it could have devastating affect on my machine.

    I don’t know about you, but I am too lazy to borrow Windows 10 from the net, do a clean install of it just to update BIOS, in order to maybe having it even more difficult installing Linux again 🙂

    Next time I will just buy a laptop made for Linux 🙂

  • @olividir
    Right, now I think I remember that BIOS update thread.

    True, installing Windows for just this one task is a big job.

    To make it less problematic for the installed Linux, if you happen to have another (empty) disk available, you could temporarily remove the linux disk and connect the empty disk for installing Windows… Then Linux would be safe from any potential issue.

    But this is just a thought, and upgrading BIOS doesn’t even guarantee anything.

    Sorry I couldn’t help you solve the original issue. But that’s just life sometimes.


  • @manuel

    I would like to thank you for the time taken to help me. You know, this here is not that much of a problem that I can’t overlook it.
    The computer hasn’t started up by it self for a while now, so maybe one of the update fixed what ever was bugging it.

    Cheers and thank you for the time and help 🐧

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