• Warning message: Cannot provide per-desktop overrides ...

    Last few days I noticed this message after some updates:

    Cannot provide per-desktop overrides for localised key “visible-name” in schema “org.gnome.Terminal.Legacy.Profile:/org/gnome/terminal/legacy/profiles:/:b1dcc9dd-5262-4d8d-a863-c897e6d979b9” (override file “/usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/90_antergos_gnome.gschema.override”); ignoring override for this key.

    This happens on my 2 comps.
    Any solution for this?

  • file 90_antergos_gnome.gschema.override is from antergos-gsettings:


    i do not get this warning here, so may depending on changes you make to your system?

  • I get the warning as well. Would also be interested in a solution if somebody knows how to resolve it.

  • Also have this message. Any logs we can offer for resolving this issues?

  • Same here. Since it’s an override for the user profile used in gnome-terminal (specifically the profile name and color schede, which differ as I always change them after installing Antergos), I guess removing the first 2 sections (org.gnome.Terminal.*) should fix this warning.

  • I wanted to add the file is /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/90_antergos_gnome.gschema.override (I had to create a new message as apparently Cloudfire keeps blocking me when I edit my own posts…)

  • may installing an addblocker will keep you away from this ;)


    and reediting posts after submitting is still not working at the forum :(

  • I have no clue on the issue/warning may @develeopers can bring some light, as it seem to effect multiple users!
    I just report as a BUG here:


  • Gentlemen, please, do not consider this as a necropost, but have you on your machines transparent-terminal installed? Cut out of main repos but forked into git, I have one, so always blamed this app for receiving such a warning. If your answer is “yes”, this is not a bug, this is a feature.

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