• Captcha has been really annoying these past days

    As the title states, captha is getting really annoying. Is it just me? or is anyone else having to spend more than a minute to get a bunch of different slides, then only to return you back to “I am not a robot” and redo captha again… for the past week, i had to redo this 3 times or more!!!

  • where you get this?

  • I get what @retrowertz is saying. I’ve seen it on quite a few sites that are using captcha. It’s getting to be more than simply annoying.

  • @joekamprad antergos’ own website

  • I have never seen Google reCAPTCHA here in the forum or on the main page before, the website does not contain any parts of it. However, the website is protected from DoS attacks by Cloudflare. If you use the Tor browser or a public proxy, you may see a reCAPTCHA upstream page.

  • @retrowertz
    Have you tried clearing cookies from your browser?

  • @manuel i ve done clearing cache, switching browsers (ff, gchrome at least) and even changing distros(arch,vanilla deb or other independent distro like void, kaos, slackware etc).

    its either too much slides, and or those refreshing pictures, or multiple repetitions of the entire captha.

    using google dns, or my isp’s DNS does the same thing.

  • As wiki and Main Antergos Side where compromised last week, it is mostly that what is causing the captcha… or a change in website security settings after the compromise was fixed by development.

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