• Workspaces randomly stops working

    I regularly switch between workspaces in deepin - either I just have some work windows on separate desktops, or for example playing a game on one desktop while having a browser open on another. I switch between them with Super+arrowkeys, or overview my workspaces with Super+A/W/S. This works great, but sometimes the A/W/S shortcut doesn’t seem to react. When that happens, it seems basically the whole window manager stops working - I can’t switch workspaces at all anymore, I can’t click anywhere on windows, the dock stops working and so on. I can focus windows and type stuff, but that’s about it. I also never seem to happen when just switching workspaces with the arrow keys, but tied to the “overview” shortcuts.

    I’m guessing this is some window manager bug, but if anyone has some tips on how to avoid this I’d be grateful. Really annoying when you have to reboot several times per day because of it.

  • Hard to say what is the reason, can be simple a systemoverload, caused by the game you are playing, or the Game is overwriting the shortcut…

  • It’s at least not the game overwriting the shortcut - it works 100% as intended for anywhere between 5 minutes and 5 hours. It just seems like using the workspace shortcuts crashes the desktop something like 5% of the times you use it. I guess this is an issue to raise with the Deepin developers, I just wish I knew how to debug / get some useful logs.

  • journal gives you some messages ?

    open terminal and put journal live output:
    journalctl -f and let the crash happen …

  • Just tried it, nothing at all shows up in the journalctl log :(. I also checked for spikes in cpu usage, but nothing. It’s like the WM just halts. Anyway, I submitted a bug to the deepin developers, hopefully they can point me in the right direction to debug or otherwise help. Will update here if I find the solution. Thanks!

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