• New .ISO?

    Hi, I would like to install Antergos. Could you tell me when it will be ready for download? Thank you

  • @xaoret

    You can probably download the ISO here (unless @joekamprad decides to remove it):


    The next ISO will be available in October AFAIK.

  • @manuel

    Perfect! thx

  • @manuel iso will stay there till download limit is reached…

  • Official updated ISO for Antergos will come in beginning of october… with lot a improvements to the installer… (aka cnchi)

  • You can get the current ISO directly from our build server here.

  • @lots-0-logs
    ISO 18.9 does not work. There are at least the following problems:

    • cnchi does not update itself automatically, have to update it manually (to 0.14.477)
    • cnchi stops mysteriously after ranking mirrors (the default choice), the last line in /tmp/cnchi.log is
    [DEBUG] rank_mirrors.py(309) run(): Auto mirror selection has been run successfully.
  • Actually the issue with Cnchi hanging after auto rank mirrors still occurs. @karasu Are you aware of that issue?

  • @lots-0-logs

    The issue is with Cnchi 0.14.475, already solved in 0.14.477 (at least in my tests).

    The problem is that there must be something wrong in the new iso (yes, probably my fault, too) that prevents Cnchi update.

    Even when 0.14.477 is in our repositories, the ISO script does not update 0.14.475 to it.

  • @karasu @lots-0-logs
    Now cnchi updates itself automatically to 0.14.477, thanks.

    But after that, still the same problem, cnchi stops completely right after ranking.

  • In /tmp/pacman-boot.log there are errors

    • downloading iso-hotfix-utility-1.0.21-2-any.pkg.tar.xz (PGP signature error)
    • notify_user: command not found
    • database file for ‘multilib’ does not exist

    Don’t know if the above are real problems or not.

    By the way, all mirrors that are ranked, are http mirrors, not (safer) https mirrors.

    And, all ranked mirrors are Arch mirrors, not Antergos mirrors.

  • @karasu I fixed the automatic update issue already. The bug with it hanging after ranking mirrors happens with 477 though. You can check it now on the latest ISO.

  • @manuel
    I have now installed the ISO 18.8.
    During installation, the picture was taken in cnchi with the title:
    We’ll be right back …
    Server maintainence in progress, please try again later.
    When I started the Antergos HP, I was redirected once to a game site. The question is, is my system now compromised? How can you tell if you have a clean system on the plate?


  • @lug42
    Sorry, I have nothing to do with the installation nor maintaining the Antergos servers. I’m just an Antergos user.

    If I remember correctly, @karasu mentioned that servers involved in installing and updating have not been compromised.

    Maybe @developers have some more insight on this?

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