I believe this might stretch back to 4.18.7, but in observing my CPU-usage with “top”-command, it never goes over 19-20 percent.
Now that I have downgraded with the kernel-manager to 18.5 CPU-usage is utilized more fully. I mean 100% whenever needed, as when I browse youtube or so. I’ll post my hardware below.
I would like to report to LKML but I can imagine reporting “distribution: antergos” leading to a bunch of technical inquiries that Im not able to answer so I thought I would post here instead.

By the way, this is a desktop bowsing computer, by no means at all for gaming/3D app stuff.

 description: Computer
    width: 4294967295 bits
    capabilities: smp vsyscall32
       description: Motherboard
       physical id: 0
          description: System memory
          physical id: 0
          size: 3372MiB
          product: AMD E2-7110 APU with AMD Radeon R2 Graphics
          vendor: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD]
          physical id: 1
          bus info: [email protected]
          size: 1731MHz
          capacity: 1800MHz
          width: 64 bits