• Plasma5 Wayland session loads and immediately logs out

    I’m having an issue testing Wayland + Plasma5:
    In the login screen I also get offered the chance to change the session type, but in my case both sessions are named Plasma. First Plasma option (which is Wayland-based, I guess) after a successful login makes my screen black for ~1 second and then exits back to the login screen. Second Plasma option starts a new KDE session, works fine, but there is no Wayland session info in KInfoCenter.

    For troubleshooting I am trying to start a KWin Plasma5 Wayland session, here is the log:
    https://pastebin.com/3V3SSE39 and an extract:
    Driver: Intel
    GPU class: Haswell
    OpenGL version: 4.5
    GLSL version: 4.50
    Mesa version: 18.2
    Linux kernel version: 4.18.7

    Also where should the /usr/share/wayland-sessions logs be ?

    Further package versions:
    [email protected] ~ $ pacman -Ss plasma-wayland-session
    extra/plasma-wayland-session 5.13.5-2 [installed]
    Plasma Wayland session
    [email protected] ~ $ pacman -Ss sddm
    extra/sddm 0.18.0-1 [installed]
    QML based X11 and Wayland display manager
    extra/sddm-kcm 5.13.5-1 (plasma) [installed]
    KDE Config Module for SDDM
    [email protected] ~ $ pacman -Ss qt5-wayland
    extra/qt5-wayland 5.11.1-1 (qt qt5) [installed]
    Provides APIs for Wayland

  • The X11 connection broke (error 1). Did the X11 server die?

    so looks like we need xorg logs…

  • I’ve purged the wayland packages (plasma-wayland-session, qt5-wayland) and reinstalled. I guess it was a transient issue (invalid cache).
    Anyway, it works now, but I don’t know exactly the root cause of the issue.

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