• Phishing popup in cnchi followed by crash

    i just do a successfull install with 18.8 ISO again… no addware and no coredump/segfault…

  • @joekamprad youll need to connect to antergos website in some way. either through finishing cnchi captha for slides in cnchi(like the original posted)… or keep browsing antergos site (which was what i was doing while waiting for cnchi to finish installing-i do not do the captha ever)

  • ah o.k. i understand.
    -> helpfull info too!

  • @retrowertz ha ha nice to read but not very helpfull… on getting the issue tracked down.

  • @joekamprad i was not actually linking for the thread, but i was linking for the screenshot to show that the slides are indeed “sliding” as intended. but the forums is great, for not being able to edit your posts, and as a “NEW” account that registered a year or so ago, it needed me about 300 seconds to post a followup from my last post.

    as for the “captcha” thing i said on cnchi, im not sure if everyone has that but i do have captcha during cnchi slides eversince, which could be related to this mirror problem im getting.

    link was just to show that other people are having this issue as well. Distrotube just had a live stream a few ago and his viewers were also saying the same thing, someone even said he won a car.!

  • @retrowertz I am a moderator , i do not develop Antergos or Forum software.

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