• New package: remirror (obsoletes reflector-antergos)

    @freefreeno said in New package: remirror (obsoletes reflector-antergos):

    Remirror didn’t show up in Pamac for me. I had to download it from Github and build it. I did this yesterday before I even knew of this discussion.

    afaik it is not in the repos

  • remirror should go to repository soon, but it needs testing first ;)

    At the current state i do not have any issues with it, it do the job perfectly.

  • @freefreeno

    Would just like to let you know that I am a new user and I managed the remirror with no problems although it did not show up in pamac and I had to build it myself. One question is why does it say did not match on several??? I ran it with this command and really I think I will run it with even shorter next time because I still ended up with a lot of mirrors.
    remirror --save=backup --p=https,http --tm=3

    I think next time I will try 2 instead 3 because 5 is just too long.

    Yes, it is not in the official repos yet, hopefully devs include it in the near future. Currently, to install it, github is the only source.
    And as @joekamprad said, it is better to test it well before putting it as an official package.

    Currently I am not aware of any issues with remirror program itself. However, I’m still testing the systemd timer property, it is not working yet in a way I’d like it to work. But it shouldn’t break anything, it just runs after every reboot even though I set it to run only weekly. If someone knows systemd timers well, please check the remirror.timer and remirror.service files (in /etc/systemd/system) for any obvious shortcomings.

    @freefreeno: including only nearby countries makes ranking faster. Also using only https is faster:

    remirror --save=backup --p=https --c=<your-home-and-nearby-countries>

    The --tm option can be smaller than 5 but how much smaller, it depends on your location and mirror responsiveness. Maybe --tm=2 is good, but not really below that. You can test it easily, for example:

    remirror --save=no --p=https --c=<your-home-and-nearby-countries> --tm=2

    If most mirrors rank in less than 2 seconds, then make --tm=1.

    Note however that --tm defines only the maximum time to wait for a mirror. Most mirrors respond in much less than 5 seconds in my experience ; please let me know if this is not the case for you.

  • Dez 31 15:23:39 empowered64 systemd[1]: Started Run remirror periodically.
    Dez 31 19:52:30 empowered64 systemd[1]: Stopped Run remirror periodically.
    Dez 31 19:53:00 empowered64 systemd[1]: Started Run remirror periodically.
    Dez 31 20:10:53 empowered64 systemd[1]: Stopped Run remirror periodically.
    Dez 31 20:11:20 empowered64 systemd[1]: Started Run remirror periodically.
    Jan 01 04:39:29 empowered64 systemd[1]: Stopped Run remirror periodically.
    Jan 01 13:24:36 empowered64 systemd[1]: Started Run remirror periodically.
    Jan 01 19:11:09 empowered64 systemd[1]: Stopped Run remirror periodically.
    systemctl list-timers
    NEXT                         LEFT          LAST                         PASSED             UNIT                         ACTIVATES
    Mon 2019-01-07 00:00:00 CET  5 days left   Mon 2018-12-31 00:00:01 CET  1 day 21h ago      remirror.timer               remirror.service

    may the service file is at the wrong place?

    i can see for fstrim.timer the fstrim.service file is under /usr/lib/systemd/system/ !

    For remirror you ve remirror.service under /etc/systemd/system/ …

    on systemdmanager i can see remirror.service under the service tab, but fstrim.service is invisible.

    I just change this and see if it works…

  • @joekamprad
    You are onto something here!
    I changed the PKGBUILD of remirror to install those files to /usr/lib/systemd/system and am currently testing it. At least for hourly updates (that I temporarily changed here) it seems to work now.


  • @manuel i do also find the place where timestamps are saved for timers: /var/lib/systemd/timers/ and it seems that they will not be removed if you disable / stop timer or uninstall the related package…

  • @joekamprad
    Nice find! Since they are zero length files, not much space is taken. Seems that they have the times of the latest real run.

  • What does the did not match mean when ranking mirrors with remirror???

  • @freefreeno
    Could you be more specific? Like an example output?

  • Today’s new version 0.1.42 of remirror gives some more details about mirror communication failures, like

    • timeout
    • resolving host failed
    • connecting to host failed
    • if none of the above, an error code

    If you see only the error code, please report the code here and I can clarify the reason and update it also to remirror.

  • Ok. It says (contents differ) on a lot of mirrors but I did end up with a few more Antergos mirrors today. Yesterday I had one mirror when all was said and done. Also after running it I always run pacman -Syu and for some reason on the speed out beside it just shows zeros but I can install an application because I checked.

  • @freefreeno
    Ranking result “(contents differ)” means that the mirror has different contents than the reference site. Usually this means that the mirror is not yet updated.
    The only good result is “(OK)”, other results mean some problems with the mirror, and the problematic mirrors are not added to the final mirror list. Only the good ones get there.

    After ranking, especially if the mirrors have changed from the earlier list, it is good to give command

    sudo pacman -Syyu  # note the double 'y'
  • Ok thanks was just wondering because I see a lot of (contents differ).

  • @freefreeno
    Just updated remirror to 0.1.44, it automatically calls “pacman -Syy” after updating mirror lists.

    And yes, (contents differ) may occur a lot just after updating the refrence site, before mirrors have updated themselves.

  • How to update ?? Also maybe put a way to query version from terminal if there is not already one there. I will test but need to know if I can just build and install new and it will get replaced or do I need to remove old version first??? By the way thanks for the time and effort.

  • @freefreeno
    Updating is done the same way as installing. See the first post in this thread.

  • Ok I can’t input United States because it gives error and I pretty sure it is set up to use word USA and that is not how ARCH mirrors are listed. They are listed as United States and Antergos mirrors are listed as USA. I hope you see what I am saying. If I input United States will not work but if I do USA it only does Antergos mirrors so it has to be for both United States and For USA or Antergos has to start naming mirrors with United States. Yes I just checked and Antergos uses USA but arch uses United states. I guess needs to be where I can input USA,United States maybe??? Also it is ranking the automated mirror for Antergos. Should it since we are basically choosing our mirrors???

  • @freefreeno
    It is explained briefly in the output of

    remirror --help

    See option --c for more.

    For country names, you must convert spaces (" “) into underscores (”_"), like “United_States” instead of “United States”.

    Also, you can use different options for Antergos (--c-antergos=USA) and Arch (--c-arch=United_States) countries. Or just use --c=USA,United_States.
    The remirror simply ignores country names that it doesn’t recognize.

    There is an option --x for excluding mirrors. For example:


    will exclude the automated mirror.

    The default protocols to use are just https, so automated mirrors are not ranked unless you add http to the option --p.

    Note: it is useful to look at file /etc/pacman.d/antergos-mirrorlist.pacnew (if it exists in your system). It shows all available Antergos mirrors, and this list is used as a starting point for the ranking process. Also, option --of can be used for adding this .pacnew list to the resulted ranked mirror list.

    The --list option shows the available countries in a form that can be used in the options.

  • Hi all!

    I just released remirror 0.1.45, inspired by the country name discussion above. Thanks, @freefreeno !

    Now remirror can use country names from Antergos and Arch mirror lists interchangeably. For example,

    remirror --c=USA

    ranks both Antergos and Arch mirrors using only mirrors from the United States.
    So no need to specify --c=USA,United_States anymore.

    The new release also provides some more help and examples with option --help.

  • Good luck with your application.

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