• New package: remirror (obsoletes reflector-antergos)

    The error message implies that there is something wrong in the command line, especially with option “–p”. For example, there might be some non-visible characters that would confuse the command line parser.

    So could you test it by manually writing the command on the terminal, excluding all usage of any aliases etc. You may shorten the list of countries if you wish.

    If the same problem occurs, please show all terminal input and output here, exactly as it is.

    Tip: use the </> button just above this writing area to make the output much more readable.

    EDIT: by the way, you don’t need to use “sudo” with remirror, and it is better not to use it.

  • @manuel Thanks for answering!

    The origin of the problem is “/etc/remirror.conf” and PREOPTIONS. Through commandline, no problem. My remirror.conf has been working with the next code for months. Since a few weeks ago, i have que problem posted before.

    REMIRROR_PREOPTIONS="--p=https --save=backup1 --tm=3"
    REMIRROR_POSTOPTIONS="--c-antergos=Spain,France,Germany,Portugal,England,Denmark,Netherlands,Sweden --c-arch=Spain,France,Belgium,Germany,Portugal,United_Kingdom,Italy,Switzerland,Austria,Luxembourg,Denmark,Netherlands,Sweden,Finland,Norway,Croatia,Poland"

    With previous code, it tells me: “Error: protocol ‘3’ in ‘–p=https --save=backup1 --tm=3’ not supported.”

    I think the problem is number of parameters in preoptions, if i leave only one (any of the 3 above), no error.

    Hope you understand me.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @folgui
    Thanks for showing your /etc/remirror.conf! That probably is the culprit, because in version 0.1.53 (which is currently the latest version) those variables were changed to arrays.

    So, for version 0.1.53, the variables must be written in this way:


    So you could try this modification and please report the result.

    And this is my bad, since I didn’t really document it enough. There was however an example in this thread, near post #58. But of course, this thread is already quite long so it is easy to miss.

  • @manuel That’s it! Working flawlessly. Didn’t know about those changes.

    Thank you very much for your answers and contributions ;)

  • @folgui
    Great that the reason was found! And thank you for reporting!

  • Created remirror 0.1.54. It now provides help about the configuration file /etc/remirror.conf.
    You get the help with option --help.
    No other functionality changes in this version.

    Thanks @folgui for bringing up the lack of documentation of this feature!

  • @manuel Do we need to change the permissions of the of /etc/remirror.conf as stated in previous post for remirror? I have not done that. What is the reason?

  • @manuel I do not have a remirror.conf file in /etc only two empty text files. One for Antergos and one for Arch for Countries. Nothing in them?

  • @ricklinux
    Who said about changing permissions? My files have the following permissions:

    ls -l /etc/remirror*
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 154 2019-05-15 22:38 /etc/remirror-antergos-countries.txt
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 584 2019-05-15 22:38 /etc/remirror-arch-countries.txt
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root  77 2019-04-23 10:14 /etc/remirror.conf

    and this is what the permissions should be.

    Files /etc/remirror-*-countries.txt contain available mirror countries as a list simply as a reference for users. They are updated always when successfully running remirror. Note that the countries do change from time to time, especially for Arch.

    And /etc/remirror.conf is a hand-written file, not generated. You don’t have to have it. It is only for convenience.

  • @manuel if you make a standard conf file , if there is a change again setup a pacnew example, if remirror sees it. should note it, is that not something?

  • @manuel okay so it’s not automatically generated? Thanks.

  • @ringo32
    Currently remirror does not examine the changes in pacnew. However it sounds an interesting idea to suggest rerunning remirror when new pacnew countries have changed.

    But running remirror regularly using systemd should eventually keep local mirrorlists in good shape.

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