• New package: remirror (obsoletes reflector-antergos)

    Yes. File remirror.conf gives you your default option values, and the command line can add more options if required.

  • @ricklinux
    Speed is exactly the reason to limit the ranked countries. Ranking all available mirrors in all available countries takes lots of time. And the closest mirrors are typically the most useful for you.

  • @manuel Final question i hope. So it saves the Arch mirrors and also the Antergos Mirrors? Do you need to run a command for Antergos mirrors or not? In otherwords should i use only Canada, USA for Antergos mirrors too? Or all Antergos mirrors? Or command to do both?

  • @ricklinux
    Option --c limits countries for both Arch and Antergos mirrors. So both mirror lists are OK with that option. No need to run remirror again.

  • @manuel @joekamprad Thanks very much. You are both very helpful. This is why i like Antergos so much and i learn something evertime i use it…with help sometimes. Have a great day! 😄

  • Remirror creates new mirrorlist for arch and antergos ranked for speed and status. Antergos have not that much mirrors, mostly one or to for a coubtry, so using only one or two countries here would leave you with only very limited amount of mirrors.

  • @joekamprad So what are you suggesting? I only used Canada,USA I’m not sure what other countries or how many I should use then?

  • @ricklinux
    I guess @joekamprad means that there are so many Arch mirrors compared to Antergos mirrors that limiting Arch mirrors during ranking causes by far the most savings in time. And the more Antergos mirrors you have, the better (usually).

    But with remirror option --list you get the available countries, select from those. Then you can use instead of common --c more specific options --c-arch and --c-antergos for selecting the countries to use.

    For example:

    remirror --c-arch=Canada,USA --c-antergos=USA,Germany,England,Netherlands

    Or, simply limit countries for Arch ranking and have all available Antergos mirrors ranked:

    remirror --c-arch=Canada,USA
  • @manuel is there also you can say = remirror --c=CountryA,CountryB -Ping=3

    that checks for arch and antergos and also the best 3 of each mirror ? whatever ?

  • @ringo32
    No, currently remirror does not support that. But it is a great idea, need to put it to the TODO list. :)
    You can still limit the mirrors to be ranked by

    • selecting countries
    • excluding specific mirrors by name

    Currently remirror checks that any ranked mirror

    • responds without errors within a time limit (= has no errors)
    • returns the same package list as the reference site (= is up to date)

    If these conditions are not met by a mirror, it is discarded from the resulting ranked mirror list.

    The resulting mirror list is sorted by the response time of the mirrors, fastest mirrors will be first in the list.

    Note that if ranking is performed again later (e.g. next day), the resulting mirror list may be different.
    This can be caused by reasons local to a mirror (e.g. error response), and by the fact that the mirrors are updated at different times (so the reference package list is matching or not).

  • @manuel Okay, Thanks i understand this. What does --c mean? Check? So in otherwords check arch and countries?

  • @manuel How many mirrors is reasonable to have? For Antergos and Arch?

  • @manuel said in New package: remirror (obsoletes reflector-antergos):

    remirror --c-arch=Canada,USA

    Okay so i have chosen to limit Arch mirrors and let it rank ALL Antergos mirrors. I think that is my best option.
    Is the tool set up to automatically use Https or do i have to use that also in the command?

  • @ricklinux
    --c means “countries”, at least this is what I think. ;)

    There’s nothing wrong in having as many mirrors as possible, as long as they are ordered wisely, fastest first, provided they are otherwise error free and up to date.

    Usually the geographically closest mirrors are the fastest, that’s why very remote mirrors aren’t usually very sensible to use.

    By default remirror searches only https mirrors (see also remirror --help).

  • @manuel Okay…thanks! I will look at the help more.

  • @ricklinux
    BTW, you may want to look at the generated mirror lists at /etc/pacman.d, files mirrorlist (for Arch) and antergos-mirrorlist (for Antergos) mirrors.

    The files also show the relative response times (in seconds) of each mirror. There you may easily see which mirrors are slow to respond, and thus are not very useful.

  • @manuel When i run yay -Syu i get missing package remirror aur. I guess that’s normal with this installed remirror now?

  • @ricklinux
    as it does not exist as a package and also not at AUR it is completely normal…

  • @ricklinux
    It is OK as Joe said.

    But you also have the opportunity to add an additional repo (that includes remirror) to your system.
    Edit /etc/pacman.conf and add these lines to the end of the file:

    Server = https://github.com/manuel-192/antergos-m/raw/master
    SigLevel = Required

    To use that repo, you also need to add my gpg key. Please see more info at https://github.com/manuel-192/antergos-common-repo-info/blob/master/README.md.

  • Hi!

    remirror stopped working for me, don’t know why, but now i always get an “Error: protocol ‘3’ in ‘–p=https --save=backup1 --tm=3’ not supported”. That’s the final line running remirror without arguments.

    The command-line i was using without any problems till now was: “sudo remirror --p=https --save=backup1 --tm=3 --c-antergos=Spain,France,Germany,Portugal,England,Denmark,Netherlands,Sweden --c-arch=Spain,France,Belgium,Germany,Portugal,United_Kingdom,Italy,Switzerland,Austria,Luxembourg,Denmark,Netherlands,Sweden,Finland,Norway,Croatia,Poland”.

    For me, it doesn’t have any sense that the error line without arguments is related with the command-line (alias) that i used all the time :-/

    My version of remirror is 0.1.53-1 and it’s automatically upgraded from “antergos-m” repo.

    Regards, folgui.

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