• Microphone HISS in front & rear IO

    I recently got new build, in my fresh antergos install
    i noticed that there some hiss in when i speak in any of my IO
    i tried with servel mics and same result
    my motherboard is asus prime B350M E

  • not much to go one but you can try this and then undo it if it’s worse. just a few lines to to cancel the feedback. open /etc/pulse/default.pa and add this to the bottom of the text

    load-module module-echo-cancel source_name=noechosource sink_name=noechosink
    set-default-source noechosource
    set-default-sink noechosink

    reboot and test the microphone

  • This post is deleted!
  • here a sample of the audio that i’m getting

  • i would play a bit with alsamixer try also to mute pc speaker or change mic-boost e.t.c.

    This onboard sound chips are crappy some times, also possible that channels get mixed up…

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