• Win10 guest capturing keyboard does not work

    Hi, I use Antergos with DE Gnome. I have a win10 guest OS installed on Oracle VM. All shortcuts go to the Antergos host no matter if I capture keyboard and mouse.

    I tried to install win10 as a guest OS on VM workstation and there I have the same problem.

    Does someone have a solution to this problem?

    Thanks a lot

  • @nicolas-almy
    Have you installed packages virtualbox-guest-iso and virtualbox-ext-oracle to your antergos host?
    And have you installed Guest additions to the Windows 10 guest?

  • Yes all those things are installed

  • @nicolas-almy
    And is your user on host in group vboxusers?

  • @nicolas-almy said in Win10 guest capturing keyboard does not work:

    All shortcuts go to the Antergos host no matter if I capture keyboard and mouse.

    What exactly do you mean by this?
    Do you mean: if you try to copy something from host to guest via the clipboard, it doesn’t work?

  • Yes, that’s an example what doesn’t work. Win+E doesn’t work, and such shortcuts.

  • @nicolas-almy
    So you need to share the clipboard. It can be shared using both directions (host <-> guest), or only one direction of your choice.

    In the guest VM window, select Devices -> Shared Clipboard and there you can select the direction.
    On the Devices menu there are also other related settings (like Drag and Drop) that you may find useful.

  • And there are other menus like Input -> Keyboard -> Keyboard Settings that may help you configure the right assignments.

  • Ok now copy paste works fine, but Win+E and Win+R and such shortcuts still don’t work.

  • @nicolas-almy
    Was there no option for setting them? Then I’m out of ideas for now…

    Unless it is some Gnome settings; I’m not using Gnome so maybe some Gnome expert could help more.

    It is also possible that those keys are directly used by Gnome. The Win key has a different name on Linux systems, something like “Super” as far as I can remember.

  • Ok thanks for your help so far.

  • So I solved that problem by reinstalled Antergos again with KDE Plasma, KDE has a tool called kwin in which you can specify that a program should ignore global shortcuts.

    Just as information for anyone how has this problem or a similar one.

  • You can do disable shortcuts under Gnome also inside settings.

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