• Can't install any hunspell package

    I know the forum is full of hunspell issues related to antergos-meta ( https://forum.antergos.com/topic/10473/removing-hunspell-en-breaks-dependency-antergos-common-meta ) but mine is different, like this - https://github.com/Antergos/antergos-packages/issues/372 (unfortunately, solution listed here doesn’t work for me because I don’t have antergos-common-meta installed).

    I have 3 antergos KDE systems - one installed from 18.4, another from 18.6 (IIRC) and latest one from 18.8 (yesterday). On my 1st (oldest) system I experienced hunspell/antergos-meta dependency issue, but got it fixed. But on all 3 systems I have the same problem now - I can’t install ANY hunspell package.

    This error always comes:

    conflicting dependencies:
    hunspell-en_US and hunspell-en are in conflict

    This error is displayed when I try to install ANY language, let it be EN, DE, ES, IT, whatever. All systems have main hunspell library installed, and 1st (oldest) system also has hunspell-en_US language installed, while 2 other systems do NOT have any additional languages installed.

    I tried to uninstall hunspell-en_US from 1st system (so it only contains main hunspell module), and issue remains - there is no single language pack installed, but system claims that en conflicts with en_US, even if I try to install DE (or whatever).

    antergos-common-meta is NOT installed on any system. I even tried to install it, but the same error (hunspell-en_US and hunspell-en are in conflict) is displayed.

  • @toxpal said in Can't install any hunspell package:


    as i can see hunspell-en is depending on hunspell-en_US hunspell-en_GB hunspell-en_CA hunspell-en_AU

    But hunspell-en_US hunspell-en_GB hunspell-en_CA hunspell-en_AU are replacing hunspell-en … thats odd ;)

    I do have hunspell-en_US hunspell-en_GB hunspell-en_CA hunspell-en_AU installed here and can not install hunspell-en cause of this…

  • You at least have some language packs installed :) I don’t have such luck…

  • do you try:

    sudo pacman -S hunspell-en_US hunspell-en_GB hunspell-en_CA hunspell-en_AU


  • Thanks, joe. Somehow, you have a solution to almost every problem on the forums.

    I ran it on latest system (18.8) and it succeeded. Now I can also install other languages for hunspell. Not sure how other languages were related to en package, but oh well…

    Thanks again.

  • A solution needs always two or more ideas and input to work 🙏

    And Archlinux with pacman is a f***** strong base!

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