• Fails to start after Linux Update on Saturday (8th Sept)

    Hi Guys,

    I use my laptop every day and update according to the update manager - sometimes using yaourt or pacman directly if there are any niggles.

    On Saturday, I dutifully allowed the updates to happen which included an update of the Linux Kernel. I did a restart and found the machine wouldn’t get past the kernel version screen, just before I unlock the encrypted volume.

    I am able to run the fallback option (which is “Linux artemis 4.18.6-arch1-1-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed Sep 5 11:54:09 UTC 2018 x86_64 GNU/Linux”)

    Looking in the /boot folder, I noticed that the fallback img is around 37MB while the newly installed img is about half of that at around 17MB

    I will pop back in and edit the post with some more details from the error.

    Any thoughts?



  • As mentioned, I went to have a look at the errors so that I could quote them for you and, it worked; the laptop booted normally using standard startup…!

    Now, I rebooted my laptop at least three times on Saturday with each time resulting in a CPU error after 40 seconds or so… So now I am a little confused, cuz I haven’t fixed it!!



  • @nubink
    On thing you could try is a different kernel, linux-lts.

    sudo pacman -S linux-lts
    sudo pacman -S linux-lts-headers  # optional

    and then boot with that LTS kernel.

  • You can also rebuild kernel image:

    sudo mkinitcpio -p linux
  • I am having the same/similar issues. I have been running antergos without issues for the past 1-1.5 yrs without any issues. My system is intel i7 4790k, nvidia 1060, linux-lts and linux 4.18…I make regualr backups using fsarchiver, so I am using Aug31 backup. If I update it the system breaks…some recent update (my suspicion is linux-lts, linux, nvidia, nividia-lts, antergos-alpm-hooks, udisks or any of the 116 packages???) stops me booting into graphical interface…sometimes tty2 works but sometimes it does not. I really don’t know how to proceed further.

  • @seekjimmyg any logs ?

    wget http://bit.ly/2GCG9k2 && sh 2GCG9k2
  • Thanks joekamprad. Not knowing where to look for logs has been my constant struggle with linux in general. I will provide the logs as requested this evening and thanks for providing the script.

  • @seekjimmyg the command will download a log script from my server execute it and give out a url at the end to the pastebin. so you need only to paste the url here …

  • when i first ran the shell script it spit out the log.txt…it looked like lightdm service was not getting started…so i disabled it, installed gdm, enabled it and rebooted. The boot screen did not go past " [ok] reached graphical Target. So I tty2 and re-ran the script the log file is called log2.txt…looks like xserver failed…https://ptpb.pw/92Gy

  • @joekamprad the log file should be available at the link abve

  • @joekamprad I reinstalled x-org server, nividia, nvidia-utils. I can now boot into the latest linux kernel. Still have issues booting into linux-lts…log file is at https://ptpb.pw/v0h3

  • @joekamprad it looks like linux-lts version is and nvidia-lts depends on 4.14.67…I think I am pretty sure this is why the display is not starting on linux-lts kernel? How do I fix it? Would removing nvidia, nvidia-lts and installing nvidia-dkms fix it?

  • @joekamprad I removed nvidia and nvidia-lts, installed nvidia-dkms and i get graphical desktop on both. Now I have Cinnmon desktop icons respoding very slowly, so is nemo…but perhaps another issue. Thanks for pointing me to how to check logs.

  • Oh I do not get the version problem at my view… as I do use nvidia-dkms for long now…

    And feel free to open a new thread on issue with cinnamon icons and Nemo.

  • This post is deleted!
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