• Android Studio Error

    Makepkg was unable to build android-studio.

  • The best way to install AS is to just download from the manufacturer’s site and unpack into your home folder.

  • @piotr can you provide link?

  • https://developer.android.com/studio

    Just upack, go to ~/your_androir_studio_folder/bin and run ./studio.sh

    You can use the Configure -> Create Desktop Entry option here.

    This will allow you to install updates without running AS as root.

  • @rusiru and if you want help on installing over package manager (pamac) provide the error it shows …

  • @rusiru
    There it is, no disk space left. It probably means your /tmp folder is too small.

  • Who can read is clearly in the advantage …🎣

  • https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/tmpfs

    sudo mount -o remount,size=16G,noatime /tmp
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